“Arab Men” | Russell Peters – Notorious

>>Russell Peters: My Lebanese friends, ever gone back to Beirut? [Audience members cheer] Let me tell you something. I’ve partied, all over the world, and by far, without trying to suck up to you guys, ‘Cause I’m scared– [Laughter] but out of all the places I’ve been to, in the world, Beirut parties, like you’ve […]


– There’s a tarantula in here. He ain’t moving, he’s dead, my hand’s shaking. I’m not scared, you’re scared. Lightly salted. Oh, good. Can’t open it, can’t do it, okay, that’s God. I haven’t heard God speak that loud in a long time. Maybe it’s like a band-aid, I just open and look and get […]


Music like and subscribe watch my makeup container you guys she’s dyed my hair before but I have never been a while so (laughing) Hello so today were going to be doing a video called your getting ugly oh (screaming) aaaaff owe you got the most evilest ponytails maybe its the plastic gloves maybe it’s […]

Michael Jackson – Smooth Criminal (Live HIStory Tour Kuala Lumpur 1996) 60fps

Annie, are you okay? Are you okay? Annie, Are you okay? Annie, are you okay, you okay, you okay, Annie? As he came into the window Was a sound of a crescendo He came into her apartment He left the bloodstains on the carpet She was sitting at the table He could see she was […]

Enchanter Tournament (pt.1) Castle Crush

I’m totally rounding in flight boots and this and this [Music] hello hi what’s your face it’s not what’s going on your face doesn’t look happy is everybody okay that’s very fast we can’t really watch the it’s okay I understand why it’s fast because that will rage because very nervous very close right right […]

DELE ALLI SCORES TWO! Smooth Criminal … TOTTENHAM vs CHELSEA 2-0 (Parody Goals Highlights 2017)

No.Alli,are you okay? Alli,are you okay? Are you okay,Alli? 442oons is back after a european tight winter break. With one of the best 442oons cartoon today? Possibly. What do you think? Comment below and I hope you had a great holiday. Thanks for watching.

METRIAPHODON TOURNAMENT!! Jurassic World The Game EP261 Gameplay Walkthrough

METRIAPHODON TOURNAMENT!! Jurassic World The Game EP261 Gameplay Walkthrough is awesome he is a pterosaur ah super strong guy do got one of these let’s go ahead check him out before we start the tournament okay and here he is this guy’s awesome whenever I see him come against me in a tournament or something […]


yo yo what’s up everybody is Jani okay yo what’s up everybody Jani here hello Hannah homey yeah homey – is here and we’re playing pokken tournament yeah oh yeah shit we don’t know anything about this game at all fuck you haven’t played this yet no waited for you got long not like I […]

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 – FULL DEMO GAMEPLAY (E3 2019)

All right, we’re over here with Mario and Sonic at the Tokyo-Ok, what’s the title? Mario Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020! Oh, every iteration of this game it has like some crazy long title, yes! Yes, so we’re playing this over here in the second bus. What are we playing first? And there’s […]