How Anxiety and Stress Affect Your Game | Ohio State Sports Medicine

DR. STEVE GRAEF: Amongst all the struggles that people tend to go through, both clinically and in the performance realm, I think the one that really is widespread and can impact both our performance in life and performance on the field of play is that of anxiety and dealing with just general stress. These days, […]

Gabriel’s Story: Returning to Dance After Herniated Disc | Ohio State Sports Medicine

GABRIEL GAFFNEY SMITH: I remember the first day vividly when I couldn’t get out of bed, and I couldn’t walk and things like that. It was a big reality check, because I couldn’t dance. And this was something that I trained my whole life for and it’s never really been work to me. It’s always […]

Rotator cuff surgery, explained by Ohio State Sports Medicine

Rotator cuff surgery, our patients are in the upright, beach chair position. First we point out the AC joint. Next, we point out the coracoid, an important landmark in shoulder surgery. Now we point out the anterior lateral border of the acromion, the lateral border of the acromion, and next we palpate our glenohumeral joint. […]