OG Confronts Cece & Kristen is Over It | Basketball Wives

– Was there anything that you said about mein a negative way to Kristen or anyone in the collective…[tense hip-hop music]Or anything? – No. – I wanna know. – She can see if she wanna see. – Let me see.♪ ♪Oh, wait, go back.♪ ♪It says, “Ugly ass ho.” Can y’all just tell me the […]

Dream Crazier: Caroline Garcia | Nike

When it’s not working There’s always people who’s saying you don’t know what you are doing When people say you are not going to do it it gets you a little bit more motivation My first name is Caroline family name Garcia, I’m from France. I’m balling Paris, but I grew up in Lyon My […]

N. Korean women’s soccer team to skip qualifying tournament for 2020 Tokyo Olympics

the North Korean women’s soccer team will not compete in an upcoming Olympic qualifying tournament in South Korea according to Yonhap news agency North Korea notified the Asian Football Confederation that the squad will not compete in the third round of Asian qualifying for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics it did not explain why the competition […]

Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 – The Power of Football | PS4

[“READY OR NOT” BY HIGHLAND PARK COLLECTIVE FEAT. GIZZLE PLAYING] ♪ I ain’t weak. I ain’t soft. I ain’t got no chill ♪ ♪ I get loud. I ain’t scared to say what I feel ♪ ♪ I add fuel to my fire, but get outta my face ♪ ♪ I’m first year second, so […]

Brad Williams Is Still Mad About a Celebrity Basketball Game – Lights Out with David Spade

Brad, you play basketball. I’m not kidding, you play basketball. You were actually in the celebrity all-star game, right? I did. Here’s Brad D-ing up on a guy. Nice. It’s not Photoshop. No, that was the game. I am a lockdown defender. I don’t know why I played in the celebrity game, I think they […]

Episode ONE – Basketball Shots

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Face Off: Salah and Lovren go head-to-head | Cats v Dogs, Pizza toppings & more

It’s not a race, it’s not a fight, it’s not a competition. Mother of thrones? What-what-what I’m saying? – Something funny? – Sorry. That is the only one… It’s here. I hope they will not delete this. No, they will not delete it. Definitely not. If they delete this, I will not talk anymore. The […]

Try Not To Laugh Challenge | Funny Soccer Fails 2018 | Life Awesome

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Driver’s boxing and wrestling on the road #10 Russian spectacular

Come on! Take him to the police department calm down Take him to the police, we do not have anything to do with him, we’re just guys from the district Are you insolent? You change the lane too sharply Where did you go, wait for the police Blimey! Well and moron It’s like Taekwondo Where […]

Drivers boxing and wrestling on the road 61 English subtitles

the truck with the crane the manipulator does not pass those who want to drive around the traffic jam on the side of the road will there be a battle now? oi oi oi big guy look blyat he is with a knife! Ilya is pizdez Look at this outrage! moron Does he have a […]