Sports Party: Announcement Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

[CLICKING SOUND] (SINGING) La di da di da, that’s just our style. La di da di di, we want to be free. Don’t need no morning light. There’s a new thing coming and we’re coming alive. La di da di da, that’s just our style. La di da di di, we want to be free. […]

Pokkén Tournament Analysis – Gengar Reveal Trailer (Secrets & Hidden Details)

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything about Pokkén Tournament, the arcade fighting game starring Pokémon and developed by Namco Bandai. But a recent demonstration not only showed off several new stages but a new fighter as well in the form of the ghostly Gengar. So it’s time to bring out the old Analysis […]

Johnny Cage VS Captain Falcon (Mortal Kombat VS F-Zero) | DEATH BATTLE!

Chad: Have you been running late in the morning? Because you’re accidentally sleeping in. Guess what? It might have something to do with your genes. Ben: No kidding. I’ve tried it myself and it’s really easy to mail in your sample in just a few steps. To see what you’re genes have to say about […]

Pokkén Tournament Analysis – Overview Trailer (Japanese)

It’s been a long time since a high quality trailer of Pokkén Tournament has been released. Most of the game’s information has come out of livestreams, which, while nice to see the game in action, doesn’t always give us the best clue to how the game will look. Fortunately, an overview trailer for Pokkén has […]

Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games review

Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games for the Nintendo Wii and DS Mario and Sonic’s Olympic Games game if you know what I mean sold like the proverbial hot cakes. Not only did it tap into the spirit of the Olympics but it also brought together two gaming greats as they competed along […]

CGRundertow MARIO & SONIC AT THE LONDON 2012 OLYMPIC GAMES for Nintendo Wii Video Game Review

Every four years, like clockwork, a group of people who should really have anything better to do come together in the spirit of competition. However, despite the potential respectability of the enterprise, it’s quite often the case that the entire thing gets marred by scandal, petty grudges, and jingoistic posturing. But we’re not here to […]

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games 2020 Announced for Switch & SEGA Genesis Mini Info! | Switch News

Yo what’s up everyone we are back with another video got some awesome information for you guys so let’s go ahead and get right into it and we’re starting off with the big announcement of this weekend and that is Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 has been officially announced for the […]

How to join a tournament on Battlefy | ESPORTS

in this video you’ll learn how to join a tournament on battle fine first you’ll need to be sure you’re logged into your account after logging in you’ll then have the option to join the tournament via the red button on the right hand side after joining the tournament you’ll be required to input some […]

MARIO KART 8 (Teens React: Gaming)

♪ (old-school video game music) ♪ (Finebros) Today, you’re playing this. Mario Kart. I don’t think I’ve ever played Mario Kart 8. All right, Mario Kart 8. This is the newest one, right? I was the Mario Kart champion on the N64. I think I could wreck some fools on Wii U. I don’t feel […]

BETTING ON AMIIBOS • Smash Bros Gambling Tournament

welcome back Cal chop and welcome to the very first super smash brothers betting ring today I have set up a ginormous betting ring using the amiibos to to have everyone here showcase how well they can spend their money now first before we bring in our gamblers in our contestants I decided to give […]