Nike Academy: Pre-season – Skipping Progressions [Speed]

Skipping progressions is a great tool to teach co-ordination. This is a very useful drill to teach the positions needed for top end speed and also pattern some of those movements in a shortened area that then will carry over on the pitch. So when we start this drill we are going to start into […]

Nike Academy: Pre-season – Touch Control

touching distribution a fundamental is the one thing that you’re going to have to do at any point in the game two end zones comprised of six meters by four meters to ten meter gap between those two boxes to start off with we’re just looking to pass the ball on the floor it’s done […]

Nike Academy: Player Analysis – Centre Backs Mehdi and Trey

We demand understanding and clarification from the players. It’s not about criticism or trying to single anyone out, I want clever players who are going to be able to understand the game so that they can provide themselves with the right solutions. Edu, what are your thoughts on Mehdi? He understands the idea of the […]

Nike Academy: Joe Hart’s Masterclass

We see Joe walking around St George’s Park, the home of The Nike Academy. We see him here whenever he’s with England, for him to come along and put a session on, it’s a brilliant buzz. It’s one of the great perks of working here you know, meeting these world class players and what an […]

Nike Academy: Challenge, Honesty and Mentality.

There is only one aim for this programme. The same aim there has always been: to get a professional contract. Now some of you have been close with trials last year, some of you have been at pro clubs already but not quite made it. What does it take to get a pro contract? The […]

Nike Academy: Pre-season – Broad Jumps [Power]

The broad jump helps us teach that horizontal power expression which is related to acceleration. So this is going to help us for that short sharp accelerations on the pitch. The set up for a broad jump is a shoulder width stance, we’re going to get nice and tall and then load down, sitting backwards […]

Nike Academy: Sami Khedira’s Masterclass

I believe this injury before was a hard time. I’m used to playing in a team… I love football… I love standing with ten colleagues on the pitch… To fight on the pitch and to play for the victory When you don’t have that anymore… that’s not so easy Sami, welcome to the Nike Academy […]

Nike Academy: Pre-season – Max Velocity Sprint [Speed]

To sprint at high speeds requires a lot of co-ordination, so we use these drills to teach the movement mechanics that then transfers onto the pitch. We use the sixty meter max sprint to train the hamstring through that high velocity action. Max speed drill breaks down both starting acceleration and max speed. So we […]

Nike Academy: Pre-season – Deceleration Progressions [Agility]

So this drill is really important to teach that deceleration mechanic. As we change the direction we need to slow down effectively before we then reapply force. So from a start line we’re going to measure out three, six and nine meters. We like to go through a double leg, single leg and lateral deceleration, […]

Nike Academy: Pre-season Training – Speed

PRE-SEASON TRAINING SPEED Speed is a fundamental part of football CRAIG TURNER SPORTS SCIENTIST A lot of match actions are decided by that split second by whether you can get that ball before your opponent A lot of goals are scored after a sprint into the box – big explosive headers So it’s massively important […]