Megyn Kelly Scores Guest Spot on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ | THR News

– Three years after leaving Fox News, Megyn Kelly is making her return to the network. The former Fox News host left the network in January of 2017 after public conflicts with her former colleagues Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity. But she’s now returning to the network on Wednesday night for a sit down interview […]

Trump honors 2019 Little League World Series champions at rally

S. Korean national football team returns after bizarre match in Pyeongyang

The South Korean national football team is back in Seoul today after a bizarre World Cup qualifying match in Pyeongyang on Tuesday. As the match was not broadcast live,… the media and supporters were especially interested in what the South Korean squad had to say about the game. Our Won Jung-hwan has more. It was […]

Rare footage captures pandas growling and barking as they crash through bamboo to a woo a mate

Conservationists have been given a rare and fascinating insight into the courting rituals of wild giant pandas . In a video released by WWF-UK, two male pandas are captured attempting to woo a female at the start of the mating season. The black and white lotharios are heard barking, growling and grunting, while the female […]