Savannah Guthrie Played Tennis with Her Crush Roger Federer

OK, so this is the big news. So the last time you were here, we found out that you have a huge crush on Roger Federer. And so we gave you a cardboard cutout to put in your office. Where do you keep that, by the way? Well, you sent it to me FedEx, which […]

What’s inside Kevin Durant’s Basketball Shoe?

AT&T 30th Pebble Beach Tournament Fan’s Eye View – Dan McLaughlin | AT&T

  (music) It kind of all started on a 9 hole, par 3 course.  Literally that was the first time I ever hit a golf ball.   I didn’t know anything about it.   And then later that evening we kind of had that debate   that a lot of people have like,   ok […]

Metal Versus Tournament : Présentation des coachs !


– [Clintus] Good morning, ladies. – [Both] Good morning. – [Clintus] What are we up to? – Sierra’s food duty for her tournament is fruit and vegetables. – [Clintus] So we got strawberries and grapes. – Apples and we have a fruit and veggie tray in there. – But they like them in baggies so […]

I Wanna Fly: Incredible Basketball Motivation

I Want to Fly can you take me far away give me a star yo reach for tell me whats it takes and I’Il go so high I’il go so high My feet won’t touch the ground Stitch my wings And pull the strings I bought these dreams that all fall down I want to […]

Melissa McCarthy Loses Her Mind at Her Kids’ Basketball Games

I’m going to say one thing right off the bat. Your special is so good. Thank you. It is. Thank you. [APPLAUSE] It is unbelievably funny. Thank you. And my girls now weirdly walk around quoting you, which is a very weird feeling in the house. They’re just like, oh, emotional pets on planes, right? […]

Crazy Basketball Dunk Contest! 🏀 (w/ Surprise Mystery Guests!)