Illuminated FLY EYE basketball. DWOE Product review

1913 | “Dynamism of a Soccer Player” by Umberto Boccioni

(drum beat music) Ann: The Italian futurists were one group of artists who were doing incredible things in 1913. Thinking about art as something that had to be for the new century. Speed, noise, machinery, and the city became a key part of all of their paintings. Dynamism of a Soccer Player challenges any viewer […]

“You’re in the Tournament; Anything Can Happen” Week 17 Victory Speech | Philadelphia Eagles

First of all, you guys are the NFC East champions. And we get to host a playoff next week. I told you guys and you guys talked about it all week, we set out on a journey a long time ago to be sitting here standing in anybody’s locker room, maybe ours, maybe a visiting […]

HOBART HIGHLIGHTS: Soccer stuns #10 Cortland

…on the first try. We’ll do the same thing for the back post this time. Header high up into the air. Ball’s on the goal line, punched onto the roof. It’s gonna be a corner kick again. Pass on the right-hand side now. A little give-and-go for Cary. Cary to 18, chips one to the […]

HOBART HIGHLIGHTS: Soccer tops Utica 3-1

Toward the top of the box here and Binjo raises the right hand. They approach and he’ll launch toward the middle of the box. They have a man there back headed on goal. The rain is back. Pass stolen by Utica quick pass up into the middle now for Muller. Muller top of the box […]

HOBART HIGHLIGHTS: Soccer wins Liberty League Championship

sequence couldn’t cash in its Hayden Van Brewer from the left hand corner to take this one they have one guy on the goalpost and he hooks it and Colmenares heads it right out he headed that about 30 yards out in the midfield good play but right to Austin with Kasich he launched Pettit […]


Hi ! It’s on friday november 29 and it’s about 7:45 am and let’s go to the a tournament of rugby in New York : The New York rugby 7s tournament. So, now I will go to the ETS and go to the border ! Let’s go for a crazy week-end ! The first coach […]

HOBART HIGHLIGHTS: Soccer ties Skidmore

and meanwhile we get a deep offenses of growing far side for Skidmore here’s the running toss by Caples headed toward the left post back hit along and into the net back headed in by Roche I believe with 28 10 to play here in the first half meanwhile this one goal in his statesman […]

Taxi Cab Confessions, Basketball, & Blunts: Fuck, That’s Delicious (Episode 7)