Is Gregg Popovich Basketball’s Arsene Wenger?

The recent dismissal of Jose Mourinho saw the inglorious end to the latest, and perhaps last, chapter of an iconic manager. Though familiar criticisms of the Portuguese manager followed his exit from Manchester United, a new, more poignant one emerged above the commotion — that the ever-evolving game of football had passed him by. This […]

Klay Thompson and the 3-point chucking gods: What it takes to break the attempts record | High Score

– Okay, check this out. The object of this game is simple. You’re a basketball player, you have 48 minutes plus maybe some overtime to attempt as many shots behind this three-point line as you can before time runs out, but if you don’t pace yourself or you don’t get enough of your shots into […]

Ja Morant Names His Dream NBA Starting 5 | “Take It There” with Taylor Rooks S1E7

– Fantasy starting five. – Whew, it’s a tough decision for the 3: KD or Bron. First thing my teammates said is, “Man, look at your phone.” And I looked at it, notifications were going crazy from the dunk. – Shouldn’t a Point God go first in the NBA draft? I’m back on the road, […]

“I Think 85 Percent of the League” Smoked: Former NBA Players on Cannabis in the NBA

We’d have shootarounds I’d go home, smoke a joint take a nap, eat then go to the game I feel like this is the most dynamic plant on earth Don’t be naive to the fact that its It’s helping people How beneficial would it be then to legalize it for the league? Super beneficial [laughter] […]

2019-2020 New York Knicks Road To Championship Rebuild

yo what's going on guys Christie flakes you welcome to the New York Knicks road to championship rebuild this is the team of you guys go down on the last video and plenty simple man you guys were all saying it was gonna take me 50 seasons to rebuild this team into an NBA contender […]

What's with the Knicks not shaking hands after a summer league game? | The Jump

May 12, 1992 Bulls vs Knicks game 5 highlights

Chicago Stadium Michael and the Bulls find themselves in a 2-2 deadlock with the feisty Knicks Jordans averaging 30 but Scottie Pippen's found the going tough against a physical New York team so physical in fact that Phil Jackson has been crying foul Pat Riley's response no whining tonight on Chicago's South Side Pat Ewing […]

Zion Williamson vs. RJ Barrett cut short due to California earthquake | 2019 NBA Summer League