What’s inside a College Basketball Scoreboard?

RIT Women’s Basketball 2019-20 Preview

I’m pretty excited. We have worked really hard in the preseason. The team has really bought in to the weight room. We’ve had a lot of leadership outside of our captains, who have really done a great job. Obviously, the point guard position is a really important one to fill and Taylor has done a […]

Tacko Fall | Before They Were Famous | March Madness 2019 NCAA Tournament

Before Tacko Fall would become one of the tallest high school basketball players in the country, and be one of the tallest people in the world. Before Tacko would be named the AAC’s Defensive player of the year Before Tacko gave us one of the greatest vines of all time. And Before Tacko would take […]

The Gecko cheers during his first NCAA Basketball Game – GEICO Insurance

So how are you enjoying your first NCAA tournament? It’s just lovely. I’m here to let all these folks know how easy it is to save money on their car insurance with Geico- OI OI OI SET THE PICK! KICK IT OUTSIDE!! SHOOT THE THREE! SHOOT THE THREE!! YESSSSSSSS!!!!!! Are you…OK? No, no I’m not. […]


What it do EB and J fam back again with another video today is kind of a different videos not so much I think you guys really enjoy it hold on are you doing okay alright there you go as you can see on the competitors getting ready for her match so competitive we’d like […]


(music) It’s media day It’s media day Got number 3 out Zac what you got to say? (music) What you got to say about media day bush? It’s media day!!! Go baby Let’s go aye…ahhhh aye..ahhhhh time of the year, let’s go baby let’s go bush what you got to say about media day payt? […]

UVA Fans Before the 2019 NCAA Men’s Basketball National Championship Game

Well, it’s a beautiful 76 degrees here at UVA. We got the national championship game tonight! Let’s go! If you didn’t get my email, the paper is now due on Friday as a opposed to, but please like celebrate safely and responsibly. I don’t wanna I don’t want to regret that decision. Oh, the mood […]


Who need’s practice, you all need a barber. What it do EBandJ family. So today EB is checking in I’m taking the vlog over for a few days umm my basketball team, BYU basketball is heading to New Mexico for an exhibition game that will all the funds from the will go to the hurricane […]