Sports Jersey Buying Guide – How to spot a Fake NFL NHL MLB NBA Jersey

As sports fans, we all love our teams. We show our support by wearing the same jerseys, shirts and tops as our heroes on the field. But when you look at the price of them, you’ll say “How much?!” There’s been a recent increase in the amount of fake jerseys being imported from China mainly […]

O’Bannon v. NCAA: Intellectual Property, Antitrust, & College Sports [POLICYbrief]

I was, uh, at a friend’s house and saw my likeness on a video game that his kid was playing. I initially thought it was pretty cool and was flattered, quite honestly. But then it was brought to my attention that they had paid for that video game and I didn’t get any type of […]

Sport Science:Ray Allen (中文字幕)

要分析Ray Allen的三分神射能力 首要的重點就是 『出手角度』 研究顯示 理想中的三分球的出手角度就是 48度角 不僅如此,Allen平均出手時間只需要0.73秒 出手角度離理想狀態只差了2度 第二重要的是 『出手點』 當出手點與籃框平行時,能有效提高命中率 這意味著有較大的錯誤範圍 Allen的出手時機也十分的精準 大約在腳跳點的最高處投出 球投出時,離地約9英尺 這也是為何他在左邊底線角度的三分球命中率 約比NBA平均水準高超過41% 第三重要的就是 『球的旋轉』 Allen讓球在空中,每秒鐘旋轉2圈 使球碰到籃框或籃板時,速度會減緩 巧妙的運用摩擦力的原理,使球命中 較慢的球,對於三分球命中率越有利 在至少20英尺外的零度角 三分球很容易不進 因為射手跳的高度不夠,角度單調 而且目標只有小小的88平方英尺 這比一般目標小了1/5 這是ESPN運動科學單元,我是John Brenkus

NFL Week 2 Picks NFL Week 1 game scores highlights reviews NFL football season 2019

NFL Week 2 Picks NFL Week 1 game scores highlights reviews NFL football season 2019 NFL Games I will be talking about today National football league games for week 2 NFL football picks pick’em picks fantasy football picks Yahoo Sports picks ESPN Pro picks Fox sports picks CBS sports picks NBC NFL picks for each […]

How the Lakers fell from contention to ruin during Kobe Bryant’s final seasons

– [Narrator] Five years after he lost his championship co-star, Kobe Bryant silenced doubters by winning it all without Shaq, Twice. Kobe earned his first Finals MVP in 2009, as the Lakers took down Dwight Howard and the Orlando Magic in five games. That was also Coach Phil Jackson’s 10th championship, pushing him ahead of […]

Most Insane Alley-oops in Basketball out for Pablo prigioni Sorry that was the the shortest passion everyone who see this he jumps , does the nene and the whip[ and finishes it up with a dab In situation as before this time he rises offensive rebound in the crowd Farts audience s everybody on their feet Had one in […]

Find where to watch live sports with the Catch Sports app and Alexa Skill

Catch Sports is your digital assistant for live sports. Simply follow your favorite teams or see what’s trending and we’ll show you all the ways to catch those games. Complete with TV listings, streaming options and radio stations you’ll never miss a moment. “Alexa ask a sports recommend a college basketball game to watch”, “The […]

Why Sport is Bad

“Why Sport is Bad” Okay, so right off the bat, I just want to make one thing clear. While I am saying that sport is bad: exercise is great for you. I would know. I’m mostly going to be talking about the sport fans in this video, because they are easily the worst part and […]

Genie TV Sports en tu Kodi

Hello again Infonaut, welcome or welcome to a new installment of your YouTube channel Infoductiva this time I bring you a sports supplement which is called Genie TV Sports … interesting right? We started … well, first of all I’m going to show you the settings of this add-on so you can see where there […]

‘Owner Mentality’ In Sports Needs To Change