Stephen Curry Crossover Move (BREAK ANKLES): Basketball Moves (HD)

Hi I’m Coach Collin Castellaw from Shot let’s learn the in and out counter. The in and out counter move starts just like the original in and out move where you are rolling your hand over the ball and stabbing in the inside direction. So it starts out the same, roll your hand over […]

Chris Herren: A Very Personal Interview – Basketball Junkie : A Memoir

Lonzo Ball 21 Pts 8 Rebs 7 Asts Highlights vs Utah Jazz | 7.01.2020

$1,000 Trick Shot H.O.R.S.E. vs former HARLEM GLOBETROTTER!

what does if everybody welcome back to the channel today i’m gonna be playing trickshot force against this guy you know him you love him chris staples what’s up guys Chris just got back from winning a dunk competition show what you won look at that beast of a belt discount double check you know […]

OG Confronts Cece & Kristen is Over It | Basketball Wives

– Was there anything that you said about mein a negative way to Kristen or anyone in the collective…[tense hip-hop music]Or anything? – No. – I wanna know. – She can see if she wanna see. – Let me see.♪ ♪Oh, wait, go back.♪ ♪It says, “Ugly ass ho.” Can y’all just tell me the […]

Ankle Injuries – Blake Bender Charlotte’s Men’s Basketball Team – Posturepro

Hey, this is coach Blake Bender with the Charlotte basketball team today, I wanted to speak to you about the Posturepro method By using some Posturepro’s methods to address the ankle on the foot we’ve seen a vast reduction in our lower limb injuries Specifically, we’ve had a vast eduction and ankle sprains this season […]

The History of Basketball

On the morning of December 21, 1891 Dr. James Naismith emerged from his office with an idea. He had spent two weeks searching for an indoor athletic activity to occupy his physical education class during the cold winter months. Naismith tried indoor adaptations of soccer, lacrosse and football but each only led to people getting […]