Spartans ‘storm the streets’ at UNCG men’s basketball home opener

Four. Three. Two. One. [cheering] [music] Let’s go G! [cheering] [music] Let’s go G! [music] [cheering] G-G-G-G-G-G [music] [cheering] [thunder]


hey guys what’s up I just wanted to talk a little bit about what’s going on this video before it starts so you guys aren’t left in the dust with confusion so recently I entered a tournament that was for a $25 Xbox gift card it’s for tournament players who aren’t as good as leaderboards […]

Kid Professional Challenges 6’3 Adult In Basketball

[Music] my name is Isabel Oscar Bono my nickname is Izzy I’m 11 years old and I’m 410 I think the strongest thing I have been doing right now is my handling and my passing my name is Brendan I am 33 years old and I am 6 foot 3 my basketball skill level comes […]

Small Town Titans – The Man – Official Video

I am the man catch me if you can the line is in the sand you better plan to fail ’cause boy you failed to plan underestimation is the word of the day you better tighten up your laces and get ready for a losing game ’cause you have no idea what’s coming stay in […]

A Dream Comes True With UNC Basketball

– All right listen, everybody here knows how great Kevin is. But this weekend, we want to let the world know how great Kevin is. (upbeat music) – You are going to leave this assembly, through the all the waiting and you’re gonna go to Chapel Hill and meet Coach Williams and all the players […]

How to Train Your Glutes to Become Better at Basketball 如何训练臀部筋膜让你的篮球打得更好

我刚和我的孩子(们) 一起训练 一对一, 只是打着玩儿,这不是我 认真的打,就是随便打打,我当时 觉得像哇,为什么打得这么容易! 除非是我们上次的训练。 我的动作不知不觉的改变了! 改变了!我们只是训练了一次, 只有一次啊! 我很惊讶, 这不是巧合。 我跟我自己说,不,这不是巧合,太神了。 我很惊讶,非常惊讶。 [Music] [Applause] [Music] 今天我们再做一次测验,因为你又练了一些。 是的,是的,我们要看看有多少(进步) 有多少差异比上一次。 每次训练都会有不同, 因为一切都是数据驱动的. 我们想要做的就是每次小小的进步 在一段时间内我们 再去比较相同的参数 可以看到有多少 进步 像当你站立时的例子 脚后跟不占地时,你就不会摇晃 因为你会越来越稳定 并且 你的臀肌收缩程度 和控制能力 也会增加 然后你知道我们也 可以做底线基准测试 像两线滑动 跟NBA一样的测试, 运动员先滑后冲刺的测试 我们可以从时间测量的方式 像你现在的数字 和你的三个月,后六个月, 一年后练完的变化,都可以测出来。 Khadim: 太好了。 Khadim: 我一般去健身房做运动 Khadim: 我只是做一般的 深蹲运动 Khadim: 和我以前一样,不可思议的是 Khadim: 我很酸, 我在不同的地方(臀)很酸 […]

Drunken Wrestlers 2: Original Soundtrack Vol. 1

sweet shit never say die you know what a shit rope is Julian it’s a rope covered with shit the criminals shit you see the shit kinda shit shit shit shit shit humiliation let’s go no way this is going to be tough meow and finished