M S Dhoni Runs Like A 20 Year Old Kid | Indian Cricket Team | Cricket Video

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BwC S4E3 – Leander Paes | Leander Express

There’s no words… …for Leander… I mean, he’s almost like my brother you know. You always try to welcome me with a smile in the locker room… always giving me… …great advice and… …it was just such an honour to always be surrounded by you. When he played doubles, It was like a ninja playing […]

Football empowering underprivileged kids | India Plays – S1E02

My name is Tejas. Using Football, I do a lot of skills using all parts of my body. I have been performing at a lot of corporate shows and promotional advertisements… … And various shows across the world… … Through which I am able to fund my programme ‘Sparky Football’. Sparky Football is a non-profit […]

25 Moments that changed Cricket Forever (ESPNCricInfo) | The Ikaist

Close…! Given!! there are no reviews and Bangladesh has won this second test match A famous victory in Dhaka to level the series Carlos Braithwaite!!! Remember the name history for the West Indies The great world of international cricket all the focus is here in Australia and on Adelaide where today the first Day Night […]

Indians & Gully Cricket | The Timeliners

We aren’t playing a children’s game, nobody gets out for one-tip-one-hand. Off gets runs, leg doesn’t. Out if the ball hits that wall directly. Wide and overthrow get runs. Nobody should chuck the ball. You’re out if the ball goes directly into that house. If the ball gets out, I’m not getting it. Whoever sends […]

क्रिकेट अब अधूरा – Retirement of 5 Legendary Cricketers After or During WorldCup19

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BwC S4E5 – Hardik Pandya | Aapka Hardik SWAGat hai

These days you’ve become very busy… I can tell you’ve become really busy because you only got half a haircut… …and then you had to go, right? – He (hair stylist) did one side… – I’ve done it myself… that’s why… You must be like, “Oh, shit man, I have some appointment…” I was like, […]

BwC S4E1 – Virat Kohli | Part 1

Now look, the first question I’m going to ask you today is… …who has come here today, Virat – the post-match gentleman or Virat – the Delhi boy? You already know me sister. The Delhi Boy. When I need to be a gentleman, I become one… …I can turn on that switch. – This is […]

BwC S4E4 – Suresh Raina | Raina hai mere dil mein

The Lucknow-Kanpur area has the best vegetarian food in India. Especially the yellow dal (lentil) and baingan ka bharta (minced eggplant)… …in fact, even the non-vegetarian food is amazing. Traditional families in the area are known for preparing special mutton delicacies… They cook special meat in the tandoor (earthen clay ovens)… …buried in the ground […]

How a Cricket Match Going Live on TV 🔥🔥

Hello, This is Shaunit Nishant and Welcome to the another fresh episode of My Talkies Tech Discussion Today, In this video we are talking about When A Live Match is Starting How Actually the Live Cricket Match is Recorded And Actually how can u get the Instant view How can You able to watch live […]