Thoughts on humanity, fame and love | Shah Rukh Khan

Namaskar. I’m a movie star, I’m 51 years of age, and I don’t use Botox as yet. (Laughter) So I’m clean, but I do behave like you saw like a 21-year-old in my movies. Yeah, I do that. I sell dreams, and I peddle love to millions of people back home in India who assume […]

Pakistan’s Hidden Predators (Full Documentary) – Real Stories

It’s one of the world’s most important Muslim nations. A nuclear power, ally to the west in the war against terror, and a democracy. But Pakistan is also a country in denial. Turning a blind eye to the sexual exploitation of many thousands of poor and vulnerable children It’s one of the saddest and shameful […]

Pro Wrestling & Battlestar Galactica

(electro pop music) – [Mike Trapp] From fake-o to mako nerd are passionate, about a lot of things. But there’s something they love above all else, and that is correcting people. This is Um Actually. (introduction jingle) Joining us today we have Adam Lustick – Hello – And Dan Black – What’s up? (group laughs) […]

RT Life – Eggnog Wrestling!

[Rooster Teeth theme music] Jack: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to the very first ever Rooster Teeth eggnog wrestling competition. I know everyone out there is excited and we have some very, very lovely contestants here that the internet is waiting for, so let’s bring them out, right now! [dramatic music] Alright, so […]

10 Wrestlers You Didn’t Know Appeared In Movies

The world may not agree on just how “real” professional wrestling, or “sports entertainment” may be, but when the masses love or hate one performers above the rest, mainstream fame is usually within reach. Not every pro wrestler who has pursued a Hollywood acting career has found success, but that might not be as bad […]

RT Life – Geek vs. Sports!

*Piano Tune* Burnie: Are subject for today is Kara and we will be discussing… Is Kara here? Where’s Kara? Crew Member: She couldn’t make it. B: Oh, Chris why don’t you have a seat. And come talk to us B: Welcome Thanks for joining us Chris So Chris, I understand that in addition to being […]

In The Ring with Mexico’s Ultra-Violent Wrestlers

We are here in Tulancingo, Hidalgo home of extreme wrestling in Mexico. We are going to meet the people that brought this type of wrestling from Japan to Mexico. Wrestling is one of the most important cultural events in Mexico. It’s a form of entertainment among Mexican families that has been practiced for more than […]

Tosh.0 – Web Redemption – Sting Wrestling Fan

>>Oh, my God, Stevie’s on WWE! Oh! I can’t believe it! Stevie’s on there! What? Free! Yeah, off the cuffs of Sting. I cannot believe this! Oh, my God. Stevie! Oh, my God. Oh! Oh, my God. Oh! Charlie just tried to hit him. Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh. He’s beating up Triple H. […]

Enter the World of Underground Fetish Wrestling

I Got Beat Up by One of Yelp’s Worst-Rated MMA Trainers | One Star Reviews

all right so first you’re gonna go ahead and give me your money yes all right you can take form tomorrow okay yes I’m gonna keep the gun on you though so I’ve been living in New York all my life I’ve actually been robbed two different times I’ve been putting out a series of […]