Pre-Season Training with the Hurricanes | Gillette World Sport

Off the back of winning the super Rugby Championship title for the first time in 2016, the Hurricanes returned to their training base in Wellington, New Zealand to begin their preparations for the 2017 season. Preseason is a massively important time for the guys to re-energise and rejuvenate, get bigger or stronger or faster or […]

2019 Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports DCT | First Ride | Review

oh we’re running out of Road Oh okay let’s see no can’t go up there it’s not my bike so I won’t take it down there guess I’m the chicken guys [Music] hi guys nothing2prove here today’s a beautiful day because any day one could be out and about on two wheels is a beautiful […]

Sports the best sports moments

I’ve paid my dues time after time I’ve done my sentence fin de semana by the number 27 here is reminder it complete 350 the battery Oh that’s the exit time oh my word I kissed a girl and I liked the taste of her cherry chapstick I kissed a girl just to try it […]

Defending a Decathlon Championship – Ashton Eaton | Gillette World Sport

Our Olympic Focus is trained on World and Olympic Decathlon Champion Ashton Eaton and his precision preparation for Rio. My name is Ashton Eaton and I am the world record holder in the decathlon and the gold medallist from the 2012 Olympic Games. It meant a lot to win in 2012 because it was really […]

Audi Sport: Commitment

For Audi, what does progression look like? Power. Performance. Innovation. An Audi earning its rings is a high bar unto itself, but for an Audi Sport car to earn its rhombus, that’s another story all together. Audi’s 80-year legacy on the track is legendary. In the days of the Silver Arrows to the rally race […]

Audi Sport: Defined

Progress is… Born on the track, built for the road. For Audi Sport, progress is pushing every limit, and that is just the starting line. Audi Sport cars are designed by motorsport engineers and tested for 5000 miles on the Nurburging. The R8 coupe shares 50 percent of the LMS race car’s parts from the […]

Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen take on the Red Bull Academy in Salzburg!

Hola, chicos. ¿Cómo van? ¿Cómo están? ¡Oh, mira esto! ¿Quieren jugar? ¡Claro! – ¿Listos para ir? – Sí. DESAFÍO 1 TRAVESAÑO Bienvenidos a la Akademie. Tenemos un gran reto . Corredor contra jugador de fútbol en la Akademie. Creo que podemos empezar. Nuestro juego, nuestro objetivo, es chocar el travesaño Muy bien, buena suerte. Perfecto. […]

LIVE – 2019 Formule Renault Eurocup – Spa-Francorchamps Race 2

[Applause] welcome to spar frankish on offer race 2 of the weekend for the former owner euro cup cars pouring out onto the circuit ready for this 30-minute race plus one lap that's the duration it's race two of the weekend at yesterday's was dominated very impressively indeed by Oskar ps3 the Australian driver from […]

Snowboard Freeriding with Flo Orley | Gillette World Sport

we look at the precision needed to pick the perfect line in freeride snowboarding rearing is poured out in the wild and the nature the thing the amount of mountains to ride is endless at all saying all mounds of this planet will ever be written I my name is Laura Lee I'm a pro […]

Touring the Sports Centre Papendal | Gillette World Sport

we're taking a tour of the world-renowned training facilities at poppin doll Sports Center located in the heart of the Netherlands is poppin doll a high performance facility that started as the National Sports Center in 1971 since its inception the goal has been to promote Dutch sporting excellence but it's in the last 10 […]