2018 World Championship Qualification Tournament: Now Is Your Time

hello and welcome to the Blade & Soul North America You’ve been playing and practicing, you’ve done all this before. Once you’re sitting there you just zone in on the game… … [and] spar against all the great Blade & Soul players. It’s a really awesome experience… … seeing how we stack up against these […]


Drock Oh what are you doing are you exciting what is wrong with you yeah well I'm a pepper me no no no your skin is honestly super creepy I'm a cute little dirty rainbow chocolate rainbow I mean girls is a gumball machine and Mabel yeah rainbows to decide what I use a pink […]

Fanfest 2014 – New Player Experience Vision

hello now we're life all right so this is a talk on new player experience vision for EVE Online that we are currently working on and before I start I want to say that it's kind of crazy that we're showing you this when you're coming to fan fest I asked if we could and […]

76 year old World of Warcraft player asks: How old are you?

Markey dragon this is pagan pagan here is one of the oldest world warcraft players at 76 years of age and we mentioned this before in one of the videos and we've got a lot of really interesting comments people are saying that they were 77 years old they're 88 years old their granddad was […]

Is Elder Scrolls Online Worth Playing?

here's the Elder Scrolls online worth played well I've written a dramatic musical narrative here that if you were not convinced to play ESO beforehand give this a listen have you ever been outside and you've seen the universe revolving and said this is not the life for me well let me tell you that […]

Morai Ruins Hard Mode …3 Players?! Lost Ark Epic Dungeon Runs English Commentary

you're serious Oh what we have three people and this still is not freeing what's up everybody kinetic here welcome back to Lost Ark war Berserker for you but we're doing something bigger and better than we've been doing up until now you see this big purple gate right here this is gonna be a […]

Battle for Azeroth PvP – Expedition vs Real Players – 119 Frost DK (Alpha)

hey I was going guys this is your boy hazed and today we're on the battle for Azeroth alpha gonna do a PvP expedition yes vs. real players and honestly I've already played the battleground and it is fun it is exciting I honestly haven't had that much fun in quite some time in PvP […]

Arena World Championship 2018 | Vorschau: Global Finals (Deutsche Untertitel)

NUR WER WÜRDIG IST, WIRD BESTEHEN Die Besten der Weltbetreten auf der BlizzCon die Arena für die Arena World Championship 2018. Falls ihr neu in Azeroth seid,müsst ihr Folgendes wissen. Die Warcraft-Arena ist ein 3vs3-Wettkampf mit dem Ziel,eure Gegner zu eliminieren. Die weltbesten Teamsverwenden höchste Koordination, effiziente Taktikenund Klassenzusammenspiel, was sie das ganze Jahr währendder […]

RAW – Kickstarter Trailer 2019 – New Open World Survival Game

somewhere out there far away someone has built a town where you can live work new business and which can be governed a town is dynamically growing and developing each player has an influence and can contribute to its elaboration buildings and stores constructed by players cost resources and run out of supplies over time […]