Houston Rockets vs Utah Jazz Full Game Highlights / Game 2 / 2018 NBA Playoffs

Tonight’s starting lineups presented by Kia they start to rookies in the backcourt O’Neal and Mitchell go fear the little bit from – they can live with that the officiating crew tonight here And here as you can see both these teams and the second half of those Inside a topic came Mitchell with it […]

2018 Verizon Slam Dunk Contest – First Round / Feb 17 / 2018 NBA All-Star Weekend

What goes in to your first dump because you want to get I want to come out with a bang up front I’m trying to I’m trying to terrify somebody okay. I’m coming in Yeah Sure right. I’m really insulted. I think come in second you could ask me that question Zach we’re glad that […]

Golden State Warriors vs Boston Celtics Full Game Highlights / Week 5 / 2017 NBA Season

…Sixteenth day of November the NBA of TNT presented by State Farm. The defend… …the game. One of us will gain a road trip to rank 3. Durant, Green, Pachulia Thompson… Good Here we go. …Thompson tried to save it there… Draymond bringing up top… Beautifully done as Kevin Durant, center– Horford and Morris to […]

Boston Celtics vs Oklahoma City Thunder Full Game Highlights / Week 3 / 2017 NBA Season

Your man Taylor may outstanding looky West look has George and Ann team so this is it Balkans favor so far the ring outside two three Horford with the offensive rebound Capable step inside the three-point line and give the Celtics their shot fakes Just anticipated the Tatum was gonna try to go from there […]

Golden State Warriors vs Phoenix Suns Full Game Highlights | 10.08.2018, NBA Preseason

Game and Oracle, we can have a lot of finals and Oracle this year after 47 years because Steph Curry Daniel house jr. Kevin Durant Obama Looney high school In a suburb of Phoenix and of course, Arizona for one night Riza coming over from Houston to do an annual House junior has an opportunity […]

Los Angeles Lakers vs San Antonio Spurs Full Game Highlights | 12.05.2018, NBA Season

Further the exact opposite for 9 on the road. Here’s your starting lineup We’ll get more into tonio Spurs for guides that were defensive stalwart SlashGear the basketball So that’s the area where you can kind of understand playing and doing a little bit left there Levy was absolutely just out of this He talked […]

We Go To A Call Of Duty Tournament For The First Time

(a cacophony of voices and guns firing) (crowds cheering and screaming) (high octane music) – [Sydnee] What’s up guys. I’m Sydnee. – And I’m Zach, and we’re also here with Kelsey. (excited gasp) – And today, we’re here at CWL NOLA, in New Orleans. – [Zach] I’m super excited to be here. I’m a huge […]

Los Angeles Lakers vs Miami Heat Full Game Highlights | 11.18.2018, NBA Season

See by your what Alexis dealers who heard the Lakers ball Ingram Magee Kuzma and James as for your one in La courses for the first time the heat play the Lakers with LeBron James you got Two of the league’s top three shot blockers. Yeah, very long athletic guys 130 points In their 13-point […]

Team LeBron vs Team Stephen Full Game Highlights / Feb 18 / 2018 NBA All-Star Game

Star game has been played here in LA the 2018 NBA all-star game is Presented by Kia as most of you are aware is a new look this season Davis and Embid on the opening chip that is controlled by LeBron James here 122 three-point a text of the game is curry misses from downtown […]

Houston Rockets vs Oklahoma City Thunder Full Game Highlights | 11.08.2018, NBA Season

Let’s face it they hope the Oklahoma City thunder will have won at six straight games Hi everybody. I’m James Ennis Clint capela and at the guards the goostin james holmes, the Color comes out on a swing go right back to have observed motion space living The teenagers gone back down court suite again […]