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What is Catch Wrestling ? in Sign Language (ASL/PSE/SEE)

What is catch wrestling? There are different styles of grappling ok you have G-I arts like J-U-D-O and B-J-J Brazilian J-I-U J-I-T-S-U (pushes that aside) you have N-O G-I arts like F-R-E-E-S-T-Y-L-E H-S and college wrestling and you have no gi J-I-U J-I-T-S-U (compares two) right now in M-M-A in the M-M-A world commonly people […]

Wing Chun vs MMA | Avoid the Wrestling Takedown

so we’ve had a number of questions recently on how you would deal with wrestling takedown or how you would deal with takedowns in MMA so specific to MMA or wrestling context of Wing Chun vs those styles perhaps I don’t know but those have been the questions thrown out of course this is not […]


– [ Shay Carl ] Please listen. They need you to subscribe and thumbs up this video right now. They.. if you don’t they could die! 3 TIME KID WRESTLING CHAMP!! ( music playing ) ( Audience commotion/ cheering ) ( Whistle blowing ) – Time! – [ Josh ] Woo Hoo! – [ Josh […]

The Adrenaline Shot: Sport Science

CIÊNCIA DO ESPORTE Começamos esse teste com uma simples pergunta. A adrenalina realmente aumenta a performance? Adicionar adrenalina permitiria que a estrela das artes marciais, Houston “The Assassin” Alexander, realmente socasse com mais força? Primeiro estabelecemos uma referência para ver quão forte Houston bate sem adrenalina. Então o deixamos nervoso, bem nervoso. Quero que libere […]

Team Fighting Championship Event 2 trailer

introducing the team fighting championships the next level in mixed martial arts combat the most unique tournament ever devised teams from all over the world can be an explosive five-on-five MMA contest like nothing you have ever witnessed before you've seen one-on-one now experience the evolution of martial arts teams of five in the ring […]

Fear Does Not Crown Champions | Michelle Waterson, Invicta Atomweight Champion

it was five minutes and help us pinch canvas with each shot my dream of becoming world champion gets hammered farther and farther from my reach but I don't have the luxury for that thought not here so I move and I wiggle and I trade bad for worse and worse for disaster when the […]

Rio Olympics 69kg Female Freestyle Wrestler Dori Yeats in Action!

welcome ladies and gentlemen tonight we have a very special amateur wrestling match a freestyle wrestling match here in Great North wrestling this is not a professional wrestling match it is the beautiful Dory Yeats who is the Canadian national champion at 68 kilograms for women freestyle wrestling as well as the 2015 Pan Am […]