CGRundertow MARIO & SONIC AT THE LONDON 2012 OLYMPIC GAMES for Nintendo Wii Video Game Review

Every four years, like clockwork, a group of people who should really have anything better to do come together in the spirit of competition. However, despite the potential respectability of the enterprise, it’s quite often the case that the entire thing gets marred by scandal, petty grudges, and jingoistic posturing. But we’re not here to […]

Metal Detector Battle 2 | Dude Perfect

Just like the first video, each dude will travel to their own location and metal detect for treasure. May the best find win. Today is Metal Detector 2. Woo. It’s time to detect. We’re at the lake going island hopping, and we’re finding treasures. The adventure starts now. You’ll see where we’re going when we […]

Metal Versus Tournament : Episode 1 partie 1/2

hello metalheads ! welcome in the Metal Versus Tournament edition 2014 what’s MVT? MVT is : 5 musicians who don’t know each others we place them in 1 studio during 2 days the goal? to make the greatest Metal song possible ok, Now it’s time to meet them let’s go hello guys how do you […]

Beyblade Burst Crazy Pool Battle! Funny Beyblade Tournament in Floating Stadium!

hi guys welcome to the Beyblade Zone today we’re doing avpool battle tag team down me and tragic kilz and special guests silver bolt and lightning wind we’re gonna do tag team battle we picked our beyblades I got said Achilles God Valkyrie siege Excalibur and victory Valkyrie winning Valkyrie max Garuda nightmare Longinus an […]

Finland Hosts Heavy Metal Knitting World Championship

enjoying themselves oh it's a great release great it is such a meditative kind of activity but now it's energetic and it's pumping [Applause] I get that many of them

League of Legends #1 (Gaming w/ Metal)

welcome back to gaming with Matt hi today we're gonna play a very special game a game i'm really enjoying a game that's been suggested on the channel it's possible around the world we're taking it to the next level we're playing games okay today we're gonna play a legit e-sport okay professionals play this […]

Metal matches