Stephen Curry Crossover Move (BREAK ANKLES): Basketball Moves (HD)

Hi I’m Coach Collin Castellaw from Shot let’s learn the in and out counter. The in and out counter move starts just like the original in and out move where you are rolling your hand over the ball and stabbing in the inside direction. So it starts out the same, roll your hand over […]

Shaquille O’Neal Black Tornado Move: Basketball Moves

Only if your mothers next to me…OHHHH. Hi I’m coach Castellaw and welcome to Shot today we are going to learn the Black Tornado post move. The Black Tornado is a great post move especially for larger posts that have a lot of defenders really leaning on them quite a bit. Basically what you […]

Allen Iverson Top 3 Moves: Basketball Moves Countdown (HD)

We talkin bout practice man. Hi I’m coach Collin Castellaw with Shot and today we have a top 3 countdown of Allen Iverson’s top 3 vicious moves. Allen Iverson is one of the greatest scorers of all time and because of his limited size he had to have tons of moves in his to […]

Pokkén Tournament DX – Thermodynamics

During a Phase Shift, you can start a Counter Attack or Dash. As you do this, you retain properties of the previous phase. This means that it’s possible to use Duel Phase moves in Field Phase. Or even Field Phase moves in Duel Phase. Notice how the Hyper Beam doesn’t cause a Phase Shift… or […]

David Byrne: Playing the Building (BBtv)

my god Ed Koch okay bed bed bed bed bed bed bed bed bed bed this used to be the ferry we caught the ferries to Brooklyn should I please yeah yeah was just an old pump working there's lots of them around I think the going rate online for these is around $200 most […]

LEAGUE OF TRICKS (O TO Q Champions) – Episode 12 | League of Legends

HIGH APM CHALLENGER OUTPLAYS – Unbelievable Pro Moments – League of Legends

What is the most important part of Rocket League?

it's a debate as old as rocket League itself which is almost 4 by the way Rocky League is about to turn 4 which is like 62 or so in video game years pretty impressive today I'm asking what is the most important part of rocket League and more specifically what is the most important […]

LIVE with Matt Stephens | Mechanics Q&A | Sigma Sports

hello and welcome to the fourth ever Sigma Sports YouTube live from Sigma sports headquarters here in Surrey but it's a very special one we're here in the workshop with Owen I want the finest mechanics at Sigma Gras are the mechanics that are available Owen take about on hand of course Lucy it's gonna […]