Are Razer’s New Mechanical Keyboards Any Good?

It’s no secret that Razer aren’t the most well received in the mechanical keyboard world, especially amongst enthusiasts, even though we weren’t really the target market in the first place. And it is somewhat warranted. Their staple board, the Blackwidow wasn’t a bad board at all to be honest. From what I could see, it […]

Unreal Tournament Pre-Alpha with Mechanical Keyboard – Should I use Spacebar to Fire?

Good evening everybody, Tommyttk here we are playing some Unreal Tournament Pre-Alpha to test out this red switch mechanical keyboard in arena shooters. very important to emphasise the ‘PRE-alpha’ here. This game is under ongoing development and a lot of the graphics and mechanics in the game are either placeholder incomplete or prone to totally […]

Mines Students Prepare for the ASCE Concrete Canoe Competition

She's named Let It Row and she is 16 feet long 16 inches high and 32 inches wide at the widest. The Concrete Canoe Competition is a competition held by ASCE Where students from all across the nation build a canoe made out of concrete. We're on schedule. We're on track It's just a large […]

DIY Warship Battle Marble Board Game from Cardboard at Home