EPIC MONSTER TRUCK SLIME JUMP | Monster Trucks | Hot Wheels

– New News! Hot Wheels Monster Trucks are at it again on Monster Island. We go to sports. – That’s right. The Hot Wheels Monster Trucks are competing in a tournament to see which one can jump the farthest. They’ll launch down the ramp and over a pool of ooze. – Ew. – The rules […]


Friends supporters, trading cards collectors and other crazy round-ball enthusiasts, greetings! Welcome to the third issue of Bleeping Relics Issue under the sign of “French’s favorite sport” football. Indeed, the Bleeping Relics team was fielded and unearthed for you a game manufactured by Mattel Electronics: Soccer. “Soccer” being the appellation given to football in a […]

John Cena VS Kane in a Fiery Hot Pepper Challenge ft. Charlotte Flair | WWE | Mattel Action!

A right 1 2 3 hot pepper challenge. Here we go. Oh Cain. I see you’re wearing the red mask for the red peppers Yeah, I like to coordinate. I love I love your mask Amos. It’s a it’s a beautiful mask. It’s a hot look Hey, whatever works you do you? Hey guys, I’m […]

AJ Styles Shows Off His Phenomenal Moves | WWE | Mattel Action!

– Hey cameraman are we rolling yet? – [Cameraman] Nope not yet. – Good, I need to give one more kiss to my sweet forearm. (smooches) Okay cameraman, now we’re ready. (rock music) What’s up guys, I am the phenomenal- AJ Styles. (rock music) Today I’m gonna show you some of my most phenomenal moves. […]

Sheamus and Cesaro React to Braun Strowman Flipping a Truck! | WWE | Mattel Action!

– Ready, one, two, three. We are the– – Naw, man, ya got the timing all wrong. (beep) – We don’t set the bar, we are– – Nope, wrong again. (beep) – We don’t set the bar, we are– – Wrong! – I can’t work like this. (crashing) – Guess what, still bad timing. (energetic […]

LED-Spiel: Soccer 2 – Mattel Eletronics (1979)

Because I didn’t find it in the Internet yet, a short presentation of Soccer 2 by Mattel a game of 1979 in this case with the manual in German language who doesn’t know this will wonder what’s happening at all so i’ll show let’s switch it on, there are two modes easy and advanced it […]

MONSTER TRUCK MANIA | Monster Trucks | Hot Wheels

– New news Hot Wheels Monster Trucks spotted on Monster Island. We go to Sports. – The Hot Wheels Monster Trucks are competing in a downhill tournament, but they’ll have to avoid scary, scary obstacles to see who will win. Ready? Let’s go. – [Announcer] Round one. Mega-Wrex versus Hot Wheels Racing #1. (rock music) […]

HOW WE SENT 500 CARS DOWN A GIANT RAMP | Hot Wheels Unlimited | Hot Wheels

– [Andy] What are you gonna do when people find out that you spray your hair? – Well, they’re not gonna find out, right? – [Andy] Right. (laughing) – [Narrator] A Hot Wheels production hosted by Andy Riesmeyer and Tanner Fox. – We’re back at Woodward. It’s a beautiful morning. It’s eight o’clock in the […]

Zombie Kane Scares Zack Ryder! | WWE | Mattel Action!

(spooky music) – Brains. Brains. Zombie Kane want brains. And candy corn. (rock music) – Woo woo woo. You know it. What’s up broskies. It’s me, Zack Ryder. (rock music) Not only am I a WWE superstar, now I’m a huge fan as well. Beautiful Macho Man Randy Savage. Me, Zack Ryder. (rock music) Oh […]

MONSTER TRUCK JUNGLE RACE! | Monster Trucks | Hot Wheels

(upbeat music) – New news, Hot wheels monster trucks spotted in the jungle, we go to sports. – That’s right. We’re here in the jungles of Monster Island where a new group of Hot Wheels Monster Trucks are competing in a downhill competition in the Tournament of Titans. They must take on bigger, badder obstacles […]