From Beijing 2008 to Beijing 2022: China Discovers Winter Sports | Coming of Age

The change of sports before and after 2008 – in my opinion sports were competitive before 2008, and sports have become part of daily life after 2008. And that is the significant difference. After the Beijing Olympic Games, the overall sports atmosphere in Beijing has undergone huge changes. In the Olympic Forest Park in the […]

The Perfect Way To Watch Winter Sports

This month, athletes from around the world are descending upon Sochi to represent their country. You’re not participating. You are going to be watching on TV because that’s what you’re best at. But it’s important that you maximize this experience for peak enjoyment. First, make your environment more Russian. Put on traditional Ushanka. Have a […]

Luge Stories to Watch at PyeongChang 2018 | Olympic Winter Games

PyeongChang 2018: Stories To Watch. Luge. The sport of luge got its Olympic start at Innsbruck 1964. Since that time, only five countries have ever won a gold medal in luge. That’s 43 events, total. More on that in a moment. So, what are the events? At the Games of 2018 you will see the […]

Winter Olympics Chemistry 2018

we're here looking at the chemistry behind the Winter Olympic Games and the materials that support the athletes in their amazing feats so here are a list of events and pause so that you can read them more carefully and indeed other slides and it's all about ice which we're looking at water with a […]

Tonight Show Fallon Five: Desus & Mero Rename Winter Olympic Sports

-There are 15 different sportsin the Winter Olympics, and sometimesit can be very hard to keep track of which is which. That might be becausesome of their names don't really do a good jobdescribing what the sport is. So here to rename some ofthe Winter Olympic sports, please welcome the hosts of"Desus and Mero" on […]

How Canada destroyed the first Olympics

Official Team GB Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games Trailer

All competitons – all medals | Highlights Day 2 | Winter Olympics 2018 | PyeongChang