all in one what does everybody welcome back to my channel this is Caleb nash feemster, chris staples jenna bandy we are in downtown LA at the Jumpman court this is a crazy rooftop court in the middle of downtown LA on a roof I just said rooftop yeah but but same thing rooftops are […]

The Wives Won’t Let OG’s Mistake Slide | Basketball Wives

– Where your stuff? – I forgot it. I know, don’t be mad at me. I had a flat. I had a hell of a day and I feel really bad. I almost was like, should I just go buy something right now? – Yes, go ahead. – Yeah, like, the store right next door. […]

Malaysia Calls Out Jen for Being Manipulative ‘Sneak Peek’ | Basketball Wives

– So I wanted…I thought it would be a good idea for Jennifer to come here to Amsterdam to fully be able to like make amends and say everything that’s fully happened. Whenever Tammy’s in the room, you know it overshadows like what she’s trying to say. So I felt like it would be a […]

Thai Soccer Team Practices with the L.A. Galaxy

Welcome to Stubhub Center. We’re so excited to have you guys here. This is the home of the LA Galaxy, one of the most famous soccer stadiums in the United States. Hey, welcome, guys. Welcome. Come on in, guys. Come on in. So this is me, right here. Number 19. For you. Yes. Thank you. […]

CeCe’s Boat Full of Drama | Basketball Wives

Oh look it, it’s a yacht. Hello girls. Hi. OG, nice to meet you. Hi, nice to meet you. Shaunie set up for us to go on this boat and thankfully I’m high because we are going to be stuck in a small area and I don’t need problems. How was your thing? You get […]

Shaunie Is Not Happy Evelyn Lozada Invited Jennifer Williams | Basketball Wives

I have something to tell you. What? This group and secrets, dammit. What’s the new one? No, well that’s why I’m telling you, because I don’t want it to be a secret. You promise not to get mad at me? Evelyn … can’t. So, I had a conversation with Jennifer. I invited her here. Oh […]

NBA All-Star with crazy soccer skills | Steve Nash house tour and boot collection

Okay okay, that’s it… So today is gonna be a fun day I’ve come to LA to visit the ex-NBA star Steve Nash and I’ve heard he’s got some crazy stuff in his house… Hey! Unisport! – What’s up man? I wasn’t expecting that. – Come on in! – You good? – Great! – Welcome. […]

Jennifer Williams Can’t Find Her Receipts | Basketball Wives

and I just kept hearing, “Jennifer, Jennifer, Jennifer.” And I’m like, “Hold on. “Jennifer is present, so what the hell are we talking about?” I’m right here. Like, let’s talk. The fact that we keep going around in circles about this, like, Tami, you and I talked about this a year ago. – Yeah, I […]

CeCe Refuses to Own Her Shade ‘Sneak Peek’ | Basketball Wives

– Let me ask you something else. Did you say we don’t work around here or something to that nature? – Not that I know of. – She’s talking about outside the whip party. When you and I were talking by ourselves. And you were like “do I come to your job Kristen or Evelyn’s […]