Traipsin’ Global on Wheels Podcast #2: Dana Mathewson, wheelchair tennis Paralympian

M: Hi Dana Mathewson! Thank you so much for coming onto Traipsin’ Global on Wheels to share with us your knowledge regarding fitness and travel and advocacy. D: Thank you! M: So, Dana Mathewson is a Paralympian. She is a, she plays wheelchair tennis and currently she’s at the University of College London getting her […]


John McEnroe Would Like to See More Trash Talking in Tennis

-How are you? -I am exhilarated to be here. -I thank you very much. -Right. Exhausted little bit from the last couple weeks. But it ended with a blast. I mean, it was amazing match in the final. And Serena got to the final. So that was good. -It was a great U.S. Open. It’s […]

Levon Aronian vs. Boris Gelfand – 2013 FIDE Candidates Chess Tournament – Round 2

Hi everyone, it’s Jerry. This is Round 2 from the 2013 Candidates Tournament between Levon Aronian who’s playing the white side versus Boris Gelfand. We had Aronian opening up with Nf3, Gelfand replying c5. c4, knight c6, knight c3, and g6. After e3 I believe it’s already an important point in the game, and I […]

Extreme Football Tennis! | Walters & Shieff (ep. 1)

Why an Ordinary Life Can Be a Good Life

We live in an age with a high regard for extraordinary lives – that is, lives that the vast majority of us will never lead. Our heroes have made outsized fortunes, appeared on gigantic screens and demonstrated unique virtue and talent. Their achievements are both dazzling and continuously, in the background, humiliating. In the late […]

London Video Tour: The City

Hi. I’m David Hill with New York Habitat. Today we are going to take you for a tour of the financial district of London, known quite simply as ‘The City’. The City of London is just a small part of modern day London. ‘The City’ as we know it constitutes the ancient City that was […]

Wrestling Champion of LDN Wrestling: Alan Lee Travis, Londoner #119

At the end of the day you know anything can happen inside that ring. We are in Barking tonight and Barking is probably my most favourite place to be. I think the one word I can use to describe my character in the ring is ‘intensely’, really. It’s a bit like the Incredible Hulk. It’s […]

Boccia: a sport unique to the Paralympic Games – London 2012

Boccia is similar to boules and is for wheelchair users with cerebral palsy or related neurological conditions. The aim is to throw or bowl game balls so they land as close as possible to the white jack. At the Paralympics four years ago Portugal dominated the sport, and in the final they made a bright […]