We Go To A Call Of Duty Tournament For The First Time

(a cacophony of voices and guns firing) (crowds cheering and screaming) (high octane music) – [Sydnee] What’s up guys. I’m Sydnee. – And I’m Zach, and we’re also here with Kelsey. (excited gasp) – And today, we’re here at CWL NOLA, in New Orleans. – [Zach] I’m super excited to be here. I’m a huge […]

Bandipora is Grooming Young Sports Champions

Hashim is back to home Do you play with him? Yes Are you here to celebrate his victory? Yes Faisal Sir teach me Once who have been his students like Feroz Sir Farooq Sir Irshad Sir They also teach us In our sports academy, various kids are coming for registration because Now every child wants […]

Cody Miller – USA Swimming Olympic Team 2016

[BOOM] I’m Cody Miller. I’m from Las Vegas, Nevada. I swim for Indiana. My coach is Ray Looze. And I started swimming at 10 years old. [BOOM] I started swimming because my mom actually doesn’t know how to swim. And she’s probably not very happy that I keep telling people that. But she was afraid […]

Cheap vs. Expensive Activewear: Sports Bras – No Sweat: EP19

So a while back we did an episode about cheap versus expensive tights, and a lot of you loved that episode. So in today’s episode, we’ll be talking about sports bras. And because women don’t all have the same chest size and physique, I’ve decided to invite a special guest on today’s episode and she’s […]


When I score a goal, my family give me a big hug every time. I’m the winner! I am the winner! My team, is a team, of legends! My mum says, just have fun… but I like to win. If I won the Olympics, I’d freak out, and tell my friends and tell my mum. […]

High school athlete scores as an Eagle Scout

for the project building project it was a project to achieve my Eagle Scout works is fresh meteor I remember my teammates like if you look right here they’ll be sit on the curb like right by the dumpster and stuff so I’ve just I just thought about it I knew I needed to do […]

H∆SHTAG$ Season II – #HealthGoth | Red Bull Music Academy

we’re here with Cobra fitness club we’re in the beautiful parts of downtown LA and I’m going to take you for a run I love being outside makes working out so much more fun that t-shirt is so good how many sets up yes health ja it’s a counterculture community it’s not what you would […]


a lovley lady (music) (music) (music) you lames are wierd you ****** look like agwanas trap hot like asana chains wet like some water all your shooters get shootum you better get run up i might call up on casta they better pick them up in a rover beats so California pull up to California […]

Meet the Jelly Fam and the Move That Made Them Famous

Yeah Yeah The streets have always been watching Gotham has been waiting patiently for the Mecca to regain its rightful aller In the heart of Harlem Rises not just a savior, but a moon The city game now reborn is generating a tidal wave of president future stars a Brotherhood defined by two words unveiling […]

Answering YOUR Snowboarding Questions! | Chloe Kim

(gas stove igniting) – Hot. (sizzles) Oh, yes. ♪ Ooh ♪ oh, oh, that’s ready, that’s ready. That’s like ready. I’m learning, kinda, sorta, not really. Do I look like a turnip? (airplane engine) Southwest Airlines. Okay, let’s do this. (slap) Biggest piece of advice for beginners? Just like don’t give up because every time […]