PAW Patrol: ‘Picture PAWfect Dress-Up’ Official Game Walkthrough 🕶 | Nick Jr. Games

Nick Junior’s Junior Gamers. Hi, I’m Junior Gamer Rosie. Today I’m playing Paw Patrol’s new game, Picture Pawfect Dress-Up. We get to help the Paw Patrol Pups get ready for Adventure Bay Picture Day. – No job is too big! – No pup is too small! Hmm, who should I help get ready first? I’m […]

Spartans ‘storm the streets’ at UNCG men’s basketball home opener

Four. Three. Two. One. [cheering] [music] Let’s go G! [cheering] [music] Let’s go G! [music] [cheering] G-G-G-G-G-G [music] [cheering] [thunder]

REDUCE SOCCER INJURIES (Injury Prevention Workout) ⚽️Off Season Soccer Program w/ Lucas Kruel

Well done everyone! I’m very proud! Let’s keep it going, let’s improve everyday. I’m here with you. Let’s do Frontal Short Kicks. Knees up. Change your leg. Diagonal Short Kicks. Change leg. So, when you’re ready, let’s go. Woah, that’s working my leg hard. Change leg, let’s go. Perfect. These are the Front Leg Swings. […]

ENHANCE EXPLOSIVENESS & POWER (Leg Workout) ⚽️Off Season Soccer Program w/ Lucas Kruel

Hey guys! Here we are again. We are doing really well! And let’s do the training today ok? So let’s do it together. Don’t quit, try it guys! Let’s go! Let’s start with Front Squats. So I’m going down 10 times. Now we’re going to do the Airplane Pose. So let’s do this. For 30 […]

FIRST TRAINING BACK (Core Strength Workout) ⚽️Off Season Soccer Program w/ Lucas Kruel

Hey guys! Today we are going to workout your core. It’s really important to work your core, if your core is strong then everything will be fine. OK? Let’s do this. So guys, let’s start with the Plank. A really good exercise and really simple as well. Let’s put your weight on your hands here […]

IMPROVE STAMINA & ENDURANCE (Full Body Fitness) ⚽️Off Season Soccer Program w/ Lucas Kruel

Here we are, let’s do the 3rd training for the Beginning. Keep going harder yeah, don’t forget about that. Now we’re going to do Push-Ups 10 times. Let’s go. Let’s go. Perfect. Let’s start with Reverse Lunges Knees Up. So let’s go 10 times. Change your leg. We are going to go down now and […]

[Suggestion] Let’s play soccer – Exciting song – Sing along

English Singsing Let’s play soccer. Let’s play soccer. Let’s play soccer. Okay. Okay. Let’s play soccer. Let’s play baseball. Let’s play baseball. Sorry, I can’t. Sorry, I can’t.

Icons Tournament on FIFA Mobile 19 – Win Master Icons Player

So Lets start to play all 12 games So here we need to downgrade our OVR to 95 Cmon who is this GUY ? 🙁 As I din’t expected this guy has scored 2 goals !!! Lets Pass to another “Victim” What??? What is this BONUS? Whaaaaaattttt? 94OVR???? So let see my reward regarding 9 […]


Be welcome, one more video for the channel, today I decided to bring you, the Dream League Soccer Legends, but this MOD you will never will find on youtube, for you who are refueling this MOD, I ask you not to do the file forwarding, but rather that they put the download which is in […]

How To Hydro Dip For Kids! 👦👧 Children’s Soccer Cleats

Hi guys Blake and Tom from the Football Boots team and today we are back at it with another hydro dip video but today Tommy what graphics are we using yes so today we are making a kids hydro custom as you can see by the title obviously we have some minions we have some […]