Cricket Loom: Advancing Loom, Yarn & Tips: Lesson 7

And welcome back to The Crochet Crowd. I’m your host Mikey. Today I’m gonna show you how to use the Cricket 15″ loom by Schacht. There’s also a 10″ tabletop loom as well and this is actually really fun and simple and you’ll be very surprised on how quick it takes in order to make […]

Tennis Tip: Clean Up Your Forehand

Hi everyboy! Nadim here for Online Tennis Instruction. In today’s tip I’m going to talk about how to clean up your forehand. What am I talking about? If players find themselves in positions where you don’t hit the ball very clean. You have a very erratic forehand so you can’t really tell whether your ball […]

Tennis service tutorial –

Welcome! This is your service movie. Today I will explain the service It is one of the most important tennis strokes. It starts up the game and therefore you need to master this You can split up the service in sections>throw the ball up>swing>impact point. This can be trained! A weak service will put the […]

Hitting The Heavy Ball in Tennis

How to Play Soccer : Player Positions in Soccer

The game of Soccer is played with 11 players, one Goal Keeper and 10 what we call field players. Besides the Goal Keeper which we have talked about there are three positions in Soccer. I want to talk about each position and a little bit about the responsibilities of each. First of all you have […]

3 Keys to Winning Tennis

How to Play Soccer : Trapping Techniques in Soccer for Beginners

Control is very important in soccer so we want to talk about trapping the ball. Two kinds of traps. There is trapping the ball on the ground, receiving the ball on the ground and from in the air. I am going to have Katy pass me the ball and I am going to demonstrate a […]

How to Play Soccer : Soccer Rules for Beginners

Okay, rules of the game. First of all as most of you probably know by now there are no hands in soccer. But what does that mean? Not only the hand, but the whole length of your arm. For example, this is a hand ball, this is a hand ball, this is a hand ball. […]

Tennis Lessons for Beginning Players : Tennis Court Layout & Lines

So the basic layout is that we have a court that you can either play doubles or singles in. The singles court lines are…you’ve got your baseline that ‘s the end of the court and you’ve got a hash mark here that basically designates which side you will be serving from, depending on your scoring […]

How to Play Soccer : Dribbling Moves in Soccer for Beginners

Okay, let’s talk a little bit about one-on-one Soccer. I’m going to teach you three moves. First, is the step-over, second is called the Cruyff turn and third is the cut-back. Let’s start with the step-over. If you are going at an opponent, I am going at Katy right here you want to make her, […]