LEGO Castle 383 “Knight’s Tournament” – Klocki z Brodą #8

Welcome to „Klocki z Brodą” In today’s episode I wanted to show you one of the oldest sets in my collection which is set 383 “Knight’s tournament” from 1979 Alongside the famous yellow castle (set 375 from 1978) and set 677 “Medieval knights” (from 1979) it was released as a part of the original Castle […]

♪ JURASSIC PARK 3 THE MUSICAL – Animated Parody Song

Still digging up bones, sifting through the dirt, Specialize in raptors, the way they hurt. Ellie moved on for kids and a family, I hate babies, they make me feel insanity. Lecturing investors is bad enough, I do it for the cash, but the crowd is rough. “Would you return to Jurassic?” That’s all they […]

This Is Why Water Striders Make Terrible Lifeguards | Deep Look

To us, water striders are almost magical. I mean, come on, they’re literally walking on water. But come down to their level and it’s a bit more… sinister. These delicate little bugs have figured out how to master the elements – and to exploit those who can’t. So how do water striders float where others […]

The Minecraft Life of Alex and Steve | MOVIE 2 | Minecraft Animation

Steve: I’m just saying I find it crazy how you say that ghosts aren’t real! Alex: Heh, heh. Yeah, and I’m just saying that I’ve never seen something that can’t be explained by, like: “That was just the wind.” or “Someone must’ve moved that there! Steve: Pssht. Okay. I think you’re just too scared to […]

Ninjago Tournament App Episode 20: GOLD NINJA FINALE!!!!!

20 episodios hace, decidí comenzar esta serie… Ahora , con 20 episodios, más de 300.000 visitantes , cientos de gustos, una gran cantidad de comentarios , más de $ 150 ganados, y las toneladas de peticiones que tengo que hacer el Ninja de Oro Aquí está el final! Poder especial: Spinjitzu Gracias por ver! Espero […]

Montana Youth Competes in FIRST Robotics Tournament

FIRST as a program gets kids involved and I think the best about it that is not only gives them technical skills but it gives them life skills. So they work on these robots but then they are also working as teams. They work to be gracious professionals to one another, to trouble shoot problems, […]

Lego Ninjago: Kai vs Jay (Tournament)

Ah! Ah! Ninja go!!! Oh! AH!!!

Lego Ninjago: Cole vs Lloyd (Tournament)

Ninja… go!!! Ninja… GO! Ninja go! AHH!!

Ninjago: Tournament App: BUYING SPREE!

Ninjago: Torneo de Aplicación – Compra juerga! Tan recientemente… Acabo de jugar a un juego… Y tengo 43,000,000 monedas… Suficiente para comprar todos los demás…