The Rules of Slamball (Trampoline Basketball) – EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains – The Rules of Slamball The object of the game is for your team to score more points than the opposing team. Slamball is a variation of the game of basketball that is played with trampolines or springbeds built into the floor. Slamball is played with two teams of 8 players, with 4 […]

What’s inside Kevin Durant’s Basketball Shoe?

HOW TO POST UP by FLASHING in the Post) –Shot Science Basketball

Hey, this is Chase from and today I’m going to talk to you about the “Flash.” The “Flash” is used by the post player to gain possession of the ball away from the basket, or to create space from their post defender. To have an effective “Flash” in the post, you want to come […]

Tim Duncan Post Reverse Pivot Move: NBA Basketball Moves

Did you know you were going 65?… Okay 55. Hi I’m Coach Collin Catellaw and this is the Post Reverse Pivot Move. The Post Reverse Pivot Move is a phenomenal move that every player should have in their game. It starts with an entry pass from the perimeter where you are catching two feet in […]

NBA: Demar Derozan Mix – Basketball Video [HD]

I umm… I go a lot of places ummm I dedicate a lot of my time and energy to Obviously to my craft and I think in everything I do I try to channel this city There’s a huge hockey culture And I think when the Raptors Started… Umm… Becoming this franchise that was beyond […]

I Practiced Free Throws For 30 Days To See If I Could Beat A Pro Basketball Player

– Hey guys, I’m Steven, and I’m a huge NBA fan. But, one thing I don’t get is how some of the best players in the world, just can’t hit their free throws consistently. Is it really that hard, or are they are they just not practicing hard enough? I wanted to find out. So, […]

Streetball tournament inside old fortress – Red Bull King of The Rock Georgia

It was a very difficult round. I played two periods in the last game and two periods in this game. So, I don`t know how the final round will be for me. I will for sure try to beat last year`s champion and go to Samasana. The final round was very difficult. It was also […]

Why the Oscars love boxing movies

More often than not the movies that win big at the Oscars tick off a lot of the same boxes: “Titanic!” big name Hollywood stars, well known director, and it will almost never be a comedy. But what about sports movies? The history of sports movies at the Oscars shows there’s a similar formula for […]

Who’s Better: LeBron Or This Guy? (feat. Bobby Moynihan) | The Sport of Science

– [Narrator] LeBron James. With three NBA titles and four MVP’s, he’s clearly a good basketball player. But how good is he? How much better is he than Brad? – I’m Brad. – [Narrator] An insurance middle manager who averages six points a game in his church league. Is LeBron five times better? 10, 50 […]

Team LeBron vs Team Stephen Full Game Highlights / Feb 18 / 2018 NBA All-Star Game

Star game has been played here in LA the 2018 NBA all-star game is Presented by Kia as most of you are aware is a new look this season Davis and Embid on the opening chip that is controlled by LeBron James here 122 three-point a text of the game is curry misses from downtown […]