Sport Science:Ray Allen (中文字幕)

要分析Ray Allen的三分神射能力 首要的重點就是 『出手角度』 研究顯示 理想中的三分球的出手角度就是 48度角 不僅如此,Allen平均出手時間只需要0.73秒 出手角度離理想狀態只差了2度 第二重要的是 『出手點』 當出手點與籃框平行時,能有效提高命中率 這意味著有較大的錯誤範圍 Allen的出手時機也十分的精準 大約在腳跳點的最高處投出 球投出時,離地約9英尺 這也是為何他在左邊底線角度的三分球命中率 約比NBA平均水準高超過41% 第三重要的就是 『球的旋轉』 Allen讓球在空中,每秒鐘旋轉2圈 使球碰到籃框或籃板時,速度會減緩 巧妙的運用摩擦力的原理,使球命中 較慢的球,對於三分球命中率越有利 在至少20英尺外的零度角 三分球很容易不進 因為射手跳的高度不夠,角度單調 而且目標只有小小的88平方英尺 這比一般目標小了1/5 這是ESPN運動科學單元,我是John Brenkus

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Every NBA Star’s MOST Difficult Shot!

Yeah, oh my god He’d be great James therefore the Chitty explodes here he gets the contact how about the finish as he plays with his Best game ever against mine And Impossible shot. Look we’re through it Dwyane Wade is when he shoots this he had to shoot it over the backboard And actually […]

2017 Sports Roundup: The Daily Show

Oh, yeah. What’s up, everybody? I’m Roy. That’s Michael, and this is the 2017 Year in Review for sports. And what a year it was, Roy. The Astros won their first World Series ever. We also had two cocky idiots trying to beat the snot out of each other. And the New England Patriots had […]

The Crossover: Why sports brands are chasing esports viewers and spending millions to reach them

“Alright we’re gonna take a left turn here. A real left turn.” “Almost like a U-Turn and then another U-Turn.” “Competitive video games.” “And I’m laughing because, I can’t think of anything less interesting.” “So this is basically going to be a league watching people play video games.” “Esports.” “Can it truly be a spectator […]

Highest Paid Athletes in Sports

(upbeat music) – If you think NFL players get paid a lot, let’s talk the other kind of football. What’s up guys, Victoria here with and here are some of the highest paid athletes. According to Forbes, there are three soccer players trumping every pro athlete there is when it comes to pay, starting […]

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– It’s May 31st, 2018. Game one of the NBA Finals at Oracle Arena. The Warriors and Cavs are tied with 4.7 seconds left on the clock and Cleveland’s George Hill has one remaining free throw. The importance of a game one win on the road cannot be overstated. And the Cavaliers are in position […]

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My Dad Is Obsessed With Sports And Doesn’t Care About Me

Hi, I my name is Michael Jordan. No, not that Michael Jordan, of course. Michael is my first name, Jordan is my middle name, and yes, I was named after the greatest basketball player of all time. This was an idea my dad had since he was like eighteen, which was years before he even […]

5 Olympic athletes caught cheating at the games 2018

Dora ratjen : at the 1936 berlin games, Dora ratjen came 4th and went on to win the gold medal in Europe athletic championship breaking the record of high jump, but it was later discovered that Dora had an advantage over the other women Dora was a men there was a confusion at birth as […]