worlds best minecraft hardcore player finding diamonds

okay guys we're back so far we've got anyways so going down and get some more diamonds cuz can't go wrong with more diamond this is this is the aim right now we're gonna afford a diamond armor you watch what's right now I'm gonna need a full set diamond armor more diamond more diamond […]

how real hardcore players enter the nether

okay guys we're back in our hardcore survival minecraft world that is correct we are back and I don't know what we're gonna get up to at first I think we might get some more sugarcane so we can make some more bookshelves then we can enchant our armor and that way when we go […]

how hardcore minecraft players farm

okay guys were back in the Minecraft hardcore survival world we're gonna we're just about to decorate our house so I say we go make some shears hunt some sheep and get a nice rug on the floor what do you reckon some shears Beauty all right now where the Frick of the Sheep oh […]

the worlds best hardcore minecraft player

what's up guys it's your boy here today I'm gonna be starting a hardcore minecraft survival world and I'm gonna be taking you down this track of adventure that's right you so stick around keep back get some popcorn and enjoy the show we're gonna cook we're gonna call the world we're creating it that […]