2nd Annual “Sharing Shoes” Basketball Clinic

The Sharing Shoes Basketball Clinic is a clinic to raise awareness for the basketball community and the athletic community as a whole in Fairfax County to have proper footwear, keep kids active and so on. The clinic is going to be at Paul VI High School, on December 1, 2019 and it is going to […]

A new kind of youth soccer | This is That

Okay, let’s go! let’s go! let’s go! You guys ready for a good game today? Yea! Alright. You all warmed up? Yea! Next. That’s a nice goal! Here in Olympia, we’ve been looking at how competition impacts youth and it’s usually kind of negative especially if you’re on the losing team. So last year we […]

WORLDS BIGGEST BOX FORT!! 24 Hour Challenge: Basketball Court, NERF WAR, Segway & More!

Wow did you throw the 5/4 see you guys in the morning Jake what are you looking at I’m so bored I’m looking a board on Google Images that sounds like fun no no it isn’t look it isn’t function bzees little good to be out there make it fast that’s my Colin you know […]

Xavi Learn colors with soccer balls

Learn colors with soccer balls for kids – Colours for children, toddlers and babies with Xavi ABC

Brewstew – Soccer Coach

Alright, so not too long ago my fiance and I decided to be soccer coaches Cause let’s be honest, I make a great goddamn soccer coach for the bunch of little kids There’s only one little problem with this We don’t know shit about soccer But the good thing is that we teach a bunch […]

Melissa McCarthy Loses Her Mind at Her Kids’ Basketball Games

I’m going to say one thing right off the bat. Your special is so good. Thank you. It is. Thank you. [APPLAUSE] It is unbelievably funny. Thank you. And my girls now weirdly walk around quoting you, which is a very weird feeling in the house. They’re just like, oh, emotional pets on planes, right? […]

Crazy Basketball Dunk Contest! 🏀 (w/ Surprise Mystery Guests!)

6-Foot Giant Inflatable Soccer Ball

Even though it’s the world’s most popular sport, not everyone’s excited about soccer. And even if they love it, they’re not necessarily excited about playing it. Until now. Introducing the Giant Inflatable Soccer Ball, which stand at an impressive six feet tall. This super-sized sphere is made from durable vinyl like a behemoth beach ball. […]

A Brooklyn Basketball Coach Who’s Changing Lives

Well, you all know that we love sending our receptionist, Jeannie around the country to help us surprise deserving people in need. Today she’s in Brooklyn, New York. Let’s check in with her right now.>>Hey, Jeannie.>>Hi, Ellen.>>How you doing?>>Hi! I’m good, how are you?>>I’m really good. Tell us who we’re surprising today.>>Okay, Ellen, I’m really, […]