EYES OPEN! – WKF Sports Kumite drills with Rodney Hobson Karate Academy in Kelowna!

Good day everybody, my name is Rodney Hobson from Rodney Hobson Karate Academy in Kelowna BC. I’m here with another video for you. Today is our sports stream kumite class, once again highlighting these athletes. Our athletes were kind of having trouble today keeping their eyes open when people attack them. It’s hard to fight […]

KARATE OLYMPIC GUIDE | Tokyo 2020 — Jesse Enkamp

In the year 2020, Karate will for the first time ever, be included in the Olympic Games. This is a historic moment for the sport of Karate, as millions of practitioners worldwide now have chance to shine themselves in the Olympic glory. But how will this happen? Where will it be held and who can […]

About The Academy – Best MMA Gym – #1 in Minnesota

I have started The Academy in November of 1992, and initially it was really a focus on: Thai Boxing, we did the Filipino Martial Arts, Jun Fun Martial Arts and Shoot wrestling Right now we start people out in in real general areas of Thai Boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and kind of a mixed martial art […]

How is Coding like Sports? – Code Championship | Code is Sport

My mindset changed when I started coding. You’re gonna need to think, analyze. What do you need to fix to this problem? You start small, because you can’t learn how to code overnight. Coding the possibilities are endless, and I think that is one of the most rewarding and gratifying things ever. You create something […]

Argentina’s Youth trains in Karate for the YOG 2018 | Youth Olympic Games

Karate is a unique sport, It’s very different from others because it is a sport that requires a lot of discipline, respect, team spirit and other very important values. The competitor, the karate athlete, is a sportsperson, a human, a youth who invests a lot of their energy in trying to control themselves all the […]

Saadiq Young Vs Alex Tolmachev GrassRoots Youth MMA @ Fight Academy Pasadena


The Home of Japan’s Karate Future Olympic Stars | Going Olympic

(TEIKYO UNIVERSITY KARATE DOJO, TOKYO, JAPAN) More! Karate originated for self-defence purposes for when you encounter a battle. In this modern world, karate is a tool to grow as a human being. Come on, come on. You still don’t do it properly. Yes, sir! (KARATE WILL BE INTRODUCED (FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER IN THE […]

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 – FULL DEMO GAMEPLAY (E3 2019)

All right, we’re over here with Mario and Sonic at the Tokyo-Ok, what’s the title? Mario Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020! Oh, every iteration of this game it has like some crazy long title, yes! Yes, so we’re playing this over here in the second bus. What are we playing first? And there’s […]

Olympic Games Festival 2018 Moldova Buenos Aires | MeliMi canal pentru copii video jocuri activitati

Howdy! Today We were in the competition I ran I ate icecream I was at the playground we met a bear He gave us the juice I ran I’m tired and I cheated Do not forget to subscribe