Netherlands’ Oldest Extreme Sport – Red Bull Fierste Ljepper

I felt this jump was really special. I was so high up on the pole. It was more than a meter higher than normal. The time in the air was longer than ever. A very special feeling.

Skiing Stereotypes | Dude Perfect

Ah! What a gorgeous day. Woo hoo! Woo hoo! Hey! Dude! Come on, man! Sorry, it’s kind of my buddy’s thing. Ow! Ugh! Got to let go, man! Woo! Ha ha! Ski tips up! It’s time to shred the gnar– Can you grab me a couple of chili cheese corn dogs? I’m going to smoke […]

Pliometria (quella vera…) | Aumenta la tua Forza Esplosiva per lo Sport

una delle cose più importanti da far notare quando si parla di esercizi pliometrici è che alla nascita in realtà questi erano solamente due il depth jump ed il drop jump così come coniati dal professor Verkhoshansky alle origini della pliometria intesa come metodo d’allenamento ad urto volgarmente poi nel corso degli anni negli stati […]


What’s up everybody we’re the Vagabrothers and this week we’re in Mont-Blanc Chamonix, France!!! Chamonix, in the French Alpine region of Haute Savoie is a place of legends tucked into a sharp valley at the base of Mont- Blanc The highest mountain in Western Europe It’s a place many outdoorsmen dream of visiting It’s also […]

Atomic Mountain Academy

I live in Whistler, Canada. We see a lot of avalanche activity every season. Skiing offpiste starts with knowledge. The experience and training that I have had in the backcountry helped me to get safely going up and going down. Having the backcountry equipment that is necessary like your beacon, shovel and probe are all […]

The “Comaneci” of Ski Jumping Gets The First Perfect 20s | Olympics on the Record

The Olympic Winter Games in Nagano, Japan. The year – 1998. Japan’s best hope for a gold medal lay in the ski jump, and the man to carry that burden was 23-year-old Kazuyoshi Funaki. It takes years of preparation to reach the final of an Olympic ski jump event. For decades, ski jumpers had been […]

Tutorial: How to Dodge (-jump) (Variation) (Unreal Tournament 2004)

Welcome, Today we are going to learn an alternate way of dodging. It’s a simple variation of something you already know, and which might help you to further improve your movement. Instead of always pressing — for example: “Forward, Left-Left, Jump”, try occasionaly pressing: “Left, Forward-Forward, Jump”. Using it always depends on the situation and […]

Simon Ammann Ski Jumping Sweeps Salt Lake City 2002 | Olympics on the Record

Switzerland’s Simon Ammann made barely any impression at the 1998 Olympic Winter Games in Nagano, Japan. But the Games made a big impression on him. He was just 16 years old at the time, finishing 35th in the Normal Hill, 39th in the Large Hill competition. Switzerland has a rich tradition of success in winter […]


yes great what are you saying well you say may create trick succeed god I want to see everyone succeeding especially you tonight where’s everyone else all right what is going here back with another video we’re here at scotch power gathering number four here in the Hoodoo king chicken had me in Glasgow just […]