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WWE 2K19 Wooooo! Edition Trailer | PS4

ANNOUNCER: Diamonds are forever and so is the “Nature Boy” Ric Flair. RIC FLAIR: The Rolex wearing, diamond ring wearing, kiss stealing, woo, wheelin’ dealin’, limousine-riding, jet-flying son-of-a-gun. ANNOUNCER: Put on your alligator shoes and celebrate one of the greatest Superstars of all time with the WWE2K19 “Wooooo” edition. RIC FLAIR: With a tear in […]

John Cena Tells His Side of the Story About “Chopping” Sean Casey

-I know you have three nieces. Were they excited to see you in that “My Little Pony” shirt? -So, they haven’t seen me yet, and I’m like this crazy, weird mythical Uncle John… -Yeah. -…that when I show up I’m a cartoon character ’cause they see me on television and they haven’t been able to […]

John Cena Is Scaling Back on Wrestling to Focus on Acting

-You’ve had such a fascinating career — A wrestler, and then you transitioned into films, and not just one kind of film. You do action films. You do comedies that are family-friendly. You do comedies that are not kid-friendly. [ Laughter ] And — But how involved — What’s your involvement with the WWE these […]

Sasha Banks and Sheamus Surprise Social Influencer Fans! | WWE + Cricket Wireless

– [Man] Without further ado, your instructors. (screaming) (rock music) (gentle music) – And they have no idea what they’re in for. (upbeat music) – This is gonna be fun. – Before we start the workshop, I need to know whether or not you’re true WWE fans. Tell me why you love Sasha Banks and […]

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