Playing GTA 5 As A Dealer!

I am going to start my own you might be like Oh jelly that's illegal no it's not it's GTA that's right I will become the Heisenberg of Grand Theft Auto 5 I'm gonna be selling weird meth cocaine all that bad stuff kids don't do drugs all right this is just a video game […]


welcome back we're back in sleep gonna snowboard some more ladies and gentlemen Mountain View yeah this is going great the coolest mouth yes for sure yeah absolutely okay I'm walking down what are you doing we took we could really slow never mind Josh your skis are falling or are those mine oh that […]


no fertility there the one in Finn for the win for the win for the win is a boy's game now yes you need to jump you have something I jump Jordi it's Mario Party panic Oh Josh has rolled the dice to know if I rolled the dice I'm allowed to move nine places […]

WEIRDEST GAME EVER MADE!! (Plug and Play Funny Moments)

hey guys welcome back to my channel today we're playing plug and play plug and play come on yay this is so creepy I have seen a couple of other youtubers playing this game ah I didn't know what it touch their finger we didn't touch what happened now did I fail what happened hello […]