Defending a Decathlon Championship – Ashton Eaton | Gillette World Sport

Our Olympic Focus is trained on World and Olympic Decathlon Champion Ashton Eaton and his precision preparation for Rio. My name is Ashton Eaton and I am the world record holder in the decathlon and the gold medallist from the 2012 Olympic Games. It meant a lot to win in 2012 because it was really […]

Mildred Didrikson Wins Gold In Los Angeles 1932 | The Olympics On The Record

At the end of 15, I was still really small. That summer was when I started to grow. As I got taller, I ran faster and jumped farther. It was a direct correlation. When I talk about it now, people would never realise I was a small, short kid for my age. I was a […]

Tosh.0 – 2012 Tosh.0lympic Games – Uncensored

(cheering) – Seventh’s not that bad. Plus, he just qualified for the paralympics. Every four years, we spend two weeks watching athletes compete for a chance to be on a box of disgusting cereal that nobody’s bought since the ’50s. Who wants to spend two weeks in London? The food sucks, it’s always raining, and […]

CGRundertow MARIO AND SONIC AT THE OLYMPIC GAMES for Nintendo Wii Video Game Review

I never thought it would happen like this. Just, for a moment, think of how many kids sent letters to video game magazines – and you certainly had your pick back in the 90’s – asking the same question: When will Mario and Sonic be in the same game? And these people, answering these letters… […]

The Super Hero Olympics

welcome to the superhero Olympics and first of all it's the 100 meters in the first Lane is Green Lantern and there's Batman in lane to Lane three is the flash Superman and in the outside lane it is a Wonder Woman Superman who's just behind the green stumbles over the Wonder Woman and finally […]

The 8 furthest javelin throws in IAAF Diamond League history

it's final opportunity leaves 8815 Ortiz in it that is fabulous competitive instincts boy oh boy he knew he needed a bigger effort so often in the throws you get the big effort in the first round or the last round you know it's the last chance saloon er Thomas roller has denied is compacted […]

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