Billy:In “Finding Football” we’ll bring you the best football talents,celebrity musicians, unique football pitches,and explore the beautiful game across the globe.We’re in Japan to see how cooperation, discipline,and intensity have fueled the meteoric rise in Asian football.We’ll suit up for the world’s oldest tekkers game,get schooled by a master warrior,and later we’ll be joined by […]

Ryu Soccer ~ Drills for kids ~ Learn the Stepover!

Today, we are going to learn the Stepover! The step-over is used by many famous soccer players. Like Ronaldo, Son and Neymar. The Stepover looks so cool. Step 1. Keeping your ball still, circle your left foot over and then the right. Step 2. Circle around the ball and use the outside of your foot […]

Ryu Soccer ~ Drills for Kids ~ Learn to dribble!

Today we will learn basic dribble! Dribble is the first thing you need to learn in soccer. There are free different ways to dribble. You can dribble with your inside foot, outside foot or the bottom of your foot. Let me share some basic drills. These drills will help you improve your dribble. These are […]

Soccer for Kids! ~ Ryu’s Soccer Journal ~ Game day VS All-Stars & fun at the Museum!

Coming up next… November 2nd. Ryu’s Soccer Journal! Today, we were supposed to go against the Las Vegas Desert Storm. But… they forfeited! So the Sports Center put together an All-Star team. They picked all the best players in the league. This is gonna be hard… Marseille turn! But I call it… Ryu turn! So […]

Soccer for Kids! ~ Ryu’s Soccer Journal ~ Championship win & party at the Arcade!

Coming up next! (Singing) We are the champions! November 16th, Ryu’s Soccer Journal! Last week we played against the Black Panthers. I scored 6 goals! It wasn’t a very hard game. We’ve already beat them twice before. And… we won again! We won 14 – 2! Now, back to this week. This is our last […]

BEYBLADE BURST World Tour: Japan National Championship

Burst to Win! Beyblade Burst Bladers from all over Japan gathered and battled. Over 4,000 Bladers participated! They stake everything on one single launch. Who will be number one in Japan? Kurei Tatsuya Yugo Ryugo Itsuki Soshi Takuto Haruto Eight finalists compete to be “Number One in Japan.” And for the ticket to the World […]

The ’Wa’ of Soccer — Shot on iPhone — Apple


Ryu Soccer ~ Drills for kids ~ Learn to shoot!

Today, we are going to learn how to shoot! Remember these four simple rules. Lock your ankles! This is how you lock your ankle… Stretch your foot and point your toes! And strong pivot! Stomp your non-shooting foot, it will help you balance and shoot with more power. Make sure to use the inside shoelace. […]

The 10,000-Calorie Diet: This is What Sumo Wrestlers Eat

Okay, let’s go… My name is Bayamba, I am a four time World Sumo Champion. Every day I eat lots of healthy food, to stay strong. In professional sumo, after the practice, we eat rice and you know like, meat fry or some fish. But the main dish is like Chankonabe. There are a lot […]

The Rules of Sumo Wrestling – EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains, the Rules of Sumo Wrestling Sumo Wrestling is Japan’s oldest sport, that is contested between two wrestlers known as Rikishi (no, not this kind of Rikishi) and takes place in a clay ring known as a Dohyo. The ring itself is roughly 4.5m in diameter. The object of the game is to either […]