The Crossover: Why sports brands are chasing esports viewers and spending millions to reach them

“Alright we’re gonna take a left turn here. A real left turn.” “Almost like a U-Turn and then another U-Turn.” “Competitive video games.” “And I’m laughing because, I can’t think of anything less interesting.” “So this is basically going to be a league watching people play video games.” “Esports.” “Can it truly be a spectator […]

How the Thunder failed to win a title after drafting three MVPs in a row

– On June 6th, 2012, the Oklahoma City Thunder eliminated the Spurs in Game 6 of the Western Conference Finals. After falling behind two games to none, the Thunder rallied on their home court and headed back to San Antonio, tied 2-2. With a 103-101 lead, and under 30 seconds to play in Game 5, […]

You have to play like a superstar to set the NBA record for turnovers in a game

(computer game sounds) (upbeat music) – [Seth Rosenthal] Here’s a game you don’t wanna win. You’re a basketball player. You get one point every time you lose possession of the ball before your team can attempt a shot. Maybe it’s because you traveled, maybe you stood somewhere you’re not supposed to, or let the ball […]

7 NBA Players Whose Talents VANISHED

today we're going to be taking a look at seven current NBA players whose talents have vanished and whether this is because of the Monstars and a Space Jam 2 remake I don't know but what I do know is these players aren't half as good as they once were and there's no clear explanation […]

James Harden Drew League Debut Got SUPER HEATED!! NBA MVP vs Drew League MVP WENT AT IT!!

[Aplausos] bueno hoy día sí él dime por acción hola [Aplausos] a ver una vez soy yo [Aplausos] ah [Aplausos] e cual pero esa es la vida sí tan mal m pero no [Aplausos] bien ah d resolver pero no ah m ah [Aplausos] sí no [Aplausos] para mí [Aplausos] e [Aplausos] el sol [Aplausos] […]

The NBA Player Who RUNS THE MOST! (It's NOT Steph Curry)

The Most Overpaid Player From EVERY NBA Team (2019-20)

the most overpaid player from every NBA team I've made one of these every year and it's definitely needed because as we've seen a lot can change in a year players change teams and some teams just never learn to stop overpaying so let's look at some from every team starting with the Atlanta Hawks […]

Chris Paul was one of the NBA's most powerful players. Now he's stuck. – Rachel Nichols | The Jump

The Most Overpaid Player From EVERY NBA Team This 2018-19 Season

now a little over a year ago I made a video looking at the ten most overpaid players for the 2017 an eighteen season and then a few months later on I made one on the most overpaid player from every team but that one got taken down but now we're doing it again for […]