Rose City Futsal Soccer Stars

Soccer Stars is designed and dedicated for some of our youngest players. It ranges from 18 months to 6 years old. A lot of what it’s about is introducing the game of futsal in its very basic, most natural form. We’re really trying to integrate as much mobility, balance, agility, coordination and motor skills that […]

Chelsea 2-0 Nottingham Forest – Frank Lampard FULL Post Match Press Conference – FA Cup – SUBTITLES

Pleased with a win and clean sheet at home? “Pleased. None of these games are easy and I know that because I’ve played in them. “They made changes, we did and I was pleased with our approach in the first half, not so much with the second because I wanted us to kick on and […]

Dream Crazier: Caroline Garcia | Nike

When it’s not working There’s always people who’s saying you don’t know what you are doing When people say you are not going to do it it gets you a little bit more motivation My first name is Caroline family name Garcia, I’m from France. I’m balling Paris, but I grew up in Lyon My […]

Leicester City 0-4 Liverpool | Superb Trent strike helps rout Leicester | Highlights

And it’s Alexander-Arnold! That’s on by Salah, and Mane arrived well. Keita, helps it towards Mohamed Salah, who runs away and goes very, very wide. Liverpool still have men forward. Salah went for goal. Oh, that’s dodgy from Ndidi, and it’s Henderson. It just goes wide. Alexander-Arnold. Dangerous-looking ball, header down! Absolutely brilliant. Here they […]

We Are Invested – Christian Yelich

If this town has taught me anything, it’s that pride never rests. It’s ever present, always hustling and with us everywhere we go. We wear it on our sleeves, carry it in our hearts and keep it in our wallets. Because this crew is more than a team. We are invested. And this place is […]

Using Kourts with Tennis Instructors | Braemar Country Club

So using Kourts for our pros, there’s not a reason why they couldn’t book a court because the schedules there, their hours are there, their names are there everything about them is in Kourts, so all they have to do is put the person’s name in and it just makes it really easy for them […]

Giant Ping Pong 2

Hello everybody! We are Pongfinity. It’s time for some giant ping pong! Today It’s me versus Miikka he’s gonna have no chance. We’ll see. Yes! Aah I had him! Is it coming? Almost! I’m not even going to try… What!? Good! It’s still in play! I can’t give you a spot like that Come back! […]

Matesong Behind-the-Scenes with Kylie and Mates

To work with Tourism Australia on this project was like a dream come true. I’ve had the opportunity now to see other parts of the country that I haven’t seen, to go home, to revisit places that I know are beautiful, and I kind of feel like a walking tourism advert for Australia anyway, so […]

The Basketball Tournament 2019 in Wichita

*Crowd cheers inside Charles Koch Arena* *Music* It’s great, it’s great! We wouldn’t miss it for nothing! Hey we’re out here at Charles Koch Arena for some TBT basketball action on the first day We’ve got three more days of action Friday evening | Saturday afternoon Sunday afternoon for the championship so come on out! […]

Sport Write PSOC Pro SOCCER Coaching Board

Today we’re going to show you the Sport Write Pro soccer coaching board from Sport Write which is by far one of our most popular coaching boards for soccer. It’s got a pretty nice large format that’s about 12.5 inches high by 16.5 inches wide. It’s got a full field diagram on the front and […]