Temple Run Forever

Hey! Hello? Hey guys! We’re wondering what your high score is for Temple Run. Don’t forget to subscribe to VFX Bro. He did some of the cool effects for this video. And myself, FinalCutKing. Links down below.

Nerf Sports Edition | Dude Perfect

this is the nerve soccer ball home run field goal ten twenty thirty alternating hatches this is the only nerf Ashville check out the tots and slam yeah Oh sock foot dance smash here we go we're going now let's do it this is the target take down that dusty this is fine disk shot […]

World Cup Edition | Dude Perfect

iPhone Game Battle | Dude Perfect 2

what's up guys welcome to the fe d p igb first ever dude perfect I thought today we are playing the brand-new just hit the market today free Department to game let's get started first two contestants the rules for the battle are simple high score wins first up here at verse Kobe here we […]

Dizzy Sports Battle | Dude Perfect

what's up guys welcome to the FA DPD SP first annual food perfect dizzy sports battle we're going for it dizzy punt a dizzy baseball bat and if dizzy golf swing total yardage wins let's go Tricia first round is the dizzy punt up versus our good buddy Gare he's a little nervous [Applause] official […]

Snow Sports Battle | Dude Perfect

his person what's up guys we're dude perfect welcome to snow day battle the rules of this battle are simple three competitions before competitors sorry codes shouldn't hurt yourself welcome to the first competition the sketchy snowmobile sled and frozen fumble game ultimate goal hang on to your balls code sorry you can't participate let's […]

Dizzy Sports Battle 2 | Dude Perfect

what's up guys we're dude perfect and I'm Paul Rudd and welcome to the second ever dude perfect dizzy sports battle we've got a little special trophy here for this video in honor of Paul's new movie ant-man and the slight off chance he wins he can display that proudly dude [Applause] today's battle we […]

Winter Olympics Edition | Dude Perfect

All Sports Golf Battle | Dude Perfect

um Jesus person what's up guys welcome to the FA DPAs GP first annual dude perfect all sports golf bad [Applause] the rules of this battle are simple uses sport then lose it the two players with the lowest scores move on to the finale with an incredible hole like this there's no telling what's […]