How to Score Trophy Elk with Guy Eastman

Guy Eastman here from EASTMANS’ HUNTING JOURNAL we’re gonna go through a little tutorial here a little video on how to score a bull elk just rough score it of course I’m not an official Boone and Crockett score if you have a elk or deer or antelope or any big game species from North […]

Archerfish Says…”I Spit in Your Face!” | Deep Look

Life began in the water. It looked across the boundary between wet and dry, and saw… dinner. Some species evolved legs from their fins and became land animals. Others, like this archerfish, found a way to bridge the distance between water and land… while still staying wet. Archerfish spit water in a high-pressure stream through […]

This Is Why Water Striders Make Terrible Lifeguards | Deep Look

To us, water striders are almost magical. I mean, come on, they’re literally walking on water. But come down to their level and it’s a bit more… sinister. These delicate little bugs have figured out how to master the elements – and to exploit those who can’t. So how do water striders float where others […]

So … Sometimes Fireflies Eat Other Fireflies | Deep Look

If you think there’s something romantic about fireflies glowing on a warm summer night… You’d be right. But what you don’t see, is the dark side of this luminous display. Firefly flashes are a secret code, a language of light. The light comes from a masterful bit of chemistry. A bioluminescent reaction that generates light […]

Metal Detector Battle 2 | Dude Perfect

Just like the first video, each dude will travel to their own location and metal detect for treasure. May the best find win. Today is Metal Detector 2. Woo. It’s time to detect. We’re at the lake going island hopping, and we’re finding treasures. The adventure starts now. You’ll see where we’re going when we […]

The Highlights of Super Hulk Tournament 2009 for Minowaman vs. Sokoudjou – Dynamite 2009

パッと見た感じの大きい小さいで 強い弱い、勝てる勝てないと判断されるところが すごい嫌なんですよね 小さくても勝つ手段はある… 無差別(級試合)への追求ですね 本当にアニメとか漫画とかに出るような世界を ずっと描いていましたね これが格闘技かなと思います 最強になりたい 最高を目指したい 極限を目指したい 超人にたどり着きたい 目標は… 誰だって相手を打ち負かしてトップになりたいって言うだろ?

Let's Play – The Achievement Hunter 2014 Winter Olympics Part 2


welcome back to another coin roll hunt where I've got a hundred pounds with the 50 pence coins to look through they're all sealed bags of which I've already had a brief look at like this to make sure I haven't got a full bag of the same variant which I don't these are good […]

What Happens When The LAST TWO PLAYERS DIE To FALL DAMAGE!? | Fortnite Mythbusters