【FOREHAND】Where is the Contact Zone [tennis answers]

Today I will be explaining from where to where is a good contact point. This video is for those of you who have started to understand where to make contact with the ball but you aren ft sure exactly from where to where will be a good contact point. Or, for those of you who […]

Locked Military Trunks from Abandoned Storage Wars Auction BIG SCORE

bingo Roland Rene that’s how we do it I’m just saying watch the channel take note subscribe there’s a lot of haters on our channel a lot of people with good comments a lot of people love calling me fat but you know what I’m fat with money why cuz I got knowledge and what’s […]

origami basketball hoop instructions

The basketball hoop is a simple traditional model and you can play office basketball with it you can use any rectangular paper – A4,letter or half a square and open the same in the other direction the short edge to the long edge diagonal fold both ways thus gives a cross turn put the corners […]

BOX FORT BASKETBALL COURT NBA 2K18 📦🏀Basketball Mini Games, Trick Shots & More!

I call this the ronaldo! AYYYOOOOOO! what’s going on guys, papa jake from team empathy and we are back with a brand, new Video and today guys we are doing the five story box fort that’s, why We’re going on wait a minute of the five stories, don’t take it it’s way too dangerous We […]

3 Types of Soccer Fitness Training | Improve Soccer Fitness | COACH MY SKILLS

God its so cold, can’t even speak properly. Hi guys, Chris here from Coach My Skills. Coming today here with another short video for you. I’ve had a couple of requests about this one, so today I’m doing Soccer fitness. Now there are many aspects to Soccer fitness. You’ve got things like speed, endurance, stamina, […]

How To Train Like A Division 1 College Tennis Player

How to Repair a Punctured Basketball (best method!!)

only my hands should be seen, (yan pa) game na? I’m going to show you how to repair a punctured basketball we’re going to use some simple materials that ah.. very is very cheap first we’ll need some cooking oil just a small amount will do and then a syringe like this one even a […]

BIGGEST BILLIONAIRE BOX FORT CHALLENGE! 📦💰24 Hour: Basketball Court, Jumping Castle, Gaming Setup

alright guys let’s go check out what Logan’s been up to you know this looks awesome of course guys once the lights are off we still have the LED backlighting but if we want to change that you know we can make it like red or something like that that looks pretty sweet too now […]

DIY Pleated Skirt Tutorial (like the American Apparel Tennis Skirt)

[Intro music] Hi! Today I’m going to show you how to make a knife pleated skirt with a hidden zipper. So let’s begin! So, the first thing you need to do is to take your waist measurement just below the smallest part of your waist, or where ever you want your skirt to sit. My […]

The Rules of 3 on 3 Basketball (FIBA 3×3 – The Big3) – EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains – The Rules of 3 on 3 Basketball The object of the game is for your team to score more points than the opposing team. 3 on 3 Basketball is a variation to the game of Basketball, but played with only half a court. Before you carry on watching, it might be helpful […]