The Adrenaline Shot: Sport Science

CIÊNCIA DO ESPORTE Começamos esse teste com uma simples pergunta. A adrenalina realmente aumenta a performance? Adicionar adrenalina permitiria que a estrela das artes marciais, Houston “The Assassin” Alexander, realmente socasse com mais força? Primeiro estabelecemos uma referência para ver quão forte Houston bate sem adrenalina. Então o deixamos nervoso, bem nervoso. Quero que libere […]

20 | The History Behind Kerry Wood’s 20 Strikeout Game

– [Chip Caray] We have a treat for you today. Youngster from Texas will take the mound. He is Kerry Wood. – [Pat] His name starts with a K, and you’re going to see a lot of Ks in the score book. – [Jim Riggleman] Everybody was just in awe of what they were watching. […]

NBA Players React To Russell Westbrook & Chris Paul Trade

now just as we think the NBA's offseason won't have any more huge moves one of the biggest deals this summer takes place with Russell Westbrook being traded to the Rockets but what did players from the league up to say about this and if James Harden obviously I don't laugh to say about this […]


20 | The History Behind Kerry Wood's 20 Strikeout Game

we have a treat for you today youngster from Texas we'll take them out he is Kerry Wood name starts with a K and gonna see a lot of caves in the store book everybody was just in all of what they were watching you got to turn this game up because we were seeing […]

HIGHEST PAID NBA PLAYERS THIS SEASON! – Kevin Durant | LeBron James | James Harden

Swedish Olympic Athlete Gets Adjusted By Your Houston Chiropractor Dr Greg Johnson

– chiropractor dr. Gregory Johnson and we have Paul in here back this morning for her third adjustment here at advanced chiropractor relief Paula has been a two-time Olympic athlete in Atlanta and down in Sydney Australia for horseback riding yes riding I'll do what you call tracking no three-day event a three-day eventing yeah […]

Olympic diver, gold medalist, and mom of four to go for gold again in 2020 Olympics

Laura Wilkinson shocked the world when she overcame a crushed foot to win the platform gold medal in the 2000 Olympics she returned to the Olympics two times walking away in 2008 without a medal but she was in search of something more I didn't want to dive anymore I was just 30 years old […]

What NBA Players Really Think Of Giannis Antetokounmpo

so with the NBA playoffs officially underway the Bucks look to continue the success here in the postseason we yawn as quickly putting the world on notice and constantly pushing new boundaries he's also looking to secure his first of her MVP and championship this summer now believe it or not yeah so season up […]