The Rules of Polo – EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains, the Rules of Polo. The object of the game is to score more goals than the other team. Polo is a sport that is played on horses, known as ‘polo ponies’, and is played on a field that measures a maximum of 300 yards by 160 yards. Teams consist of four players on […]

The secret world of horse racing | CNBC Sports

Referred to as the sport of kings, horse racing has been part of British society for more than 400 years. It’s a sport fueled by money where the margins for victory are tiny but the stakes are always high. I’m on a journey to learn what it takes to be part of a sport loved […]

Tournament Gallery: An Introduction to Tournaments

NARRATOR: The medieval tournament begin as a preparation for war but it became a popular court pass time There were three main types of combat: Tourney, Joust and Foot Combat. (Tudor style music) NARRATOR: The tourney developed from the earliest form of tournament in which, mock battles between cavalry often supported by infantry, took place […]

ALLURE HOMME SPORT Cologne: Making-of “in the saddle” – CHANEL

This is Indian Relay, North America’s original extreme sport | Sundance Winner | Fast Horse |

♪♪♪ [crowd cheering] ♪♪♪ [crowd cheering] Allison: Go on Cody! Cody: Indian Relay was the first extreme sport. It consists of three horses, and four people. Three on the ground and one rider. Us guys we race cause we love it. I’ve been around horses my whole life, so it’s just in my blood I […]

*NEW* Sims 4 COMPETITOR In-Development!! (Paralives)

save a soul fucking gear to say where Beth we have all this what's up well welcome back to my channel I hope you're having a great day and feeding my channel because I am talking about okay okay I can't even to start this video – same way because there is some news about […]

Dressage ↔️ Aerial Skiing (Pt.2) – Olympic Skier Nick Goepper tries Dressage | The Sports Connection

Olympic Medalist Will Simpson and The Dude win 2015 Del Mar International

I'm will simpson I started riding without 11 during professional when I was 14 that riding ever since something about our horse going over big jumps high rate of speed gets my vision from all over Europe East Coast you know and then Belgium Germany everywhere well you've got the best riders from all over […]