Highlights: Liverpool Legends 5-5 FC Bayern Legends | Alonso, Gerrard, Kuyt and more

JOHN BRADLEY: It’s Liverpool against Bayern Munich, two of the greatest names of European football, and while a few may have piled on a few pounds, they’re both out there wanting to win this game. DOMINIC MATTEO: Oh, most definitely, once that whistle goes there’s that many winners out there, they’ll want to perform and […]

Fastest Scores in “NFL History” Part 2 (Within 15 Seconds)

Trent Brown is a very big man look at right tackleI 6′ 8″ 355 first pass for hoyer It’s intercepted right away Nikkel Robey Coleman down to the three What a start for this Rams defense That already has two pick sixes this year and a terrible start for Hoyer is the deep back And […]

The Top 10 Most Common Sports Myths – EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains, the Top 10 Most Common Sporting Myths. 1. Ice Hockey was invented by Canadians. – Ice hockey is actually a Scottish sport, as it was played by British soldiers during wintertime. When these soldiers were stationed in Canada, they brought the game over and the Canadians adopted it as their own. 2. Basketball […]

The Story Behind The Portland Timbers’ Chainsaw Celebration

The log represents Oregon, I think they couldn’t have picked a better symbol. All of a sudden this guy came out of the rafters with a chainsaw. Ran out on the field and cut a piece wood. Being from a logging town I just got that connection right away. It’s a token to the history […]

Danny Amendola scores a touchdown

Nowadays these receivers can do it all Look at the jump and catch by the wide receiver The defensive back, he had no chance here

Houston Rockets vs Oklahoma City Thunder Full Game Highlights | 11.08.2018, NBA Season

Let’s face it they hope the Oklahoma City thunder will have won at six straight games Hi everybody. I’m James Ennis Clint capela and at the guards the goostin james holmes, the Color comes out on a swing go right back to have observed motion space living The teenagers gone back down court suite again […]

WAC Basketball Tournament Final: GCU vs NMSU Highlights 3-16-19

(crowd chanting) – [All] Game day! – Let’s go. – [Together] Chick, chick, boom! – Some history tonight, it would be the first time GCU has gone to the big dance. Bobbet wraps it in, tipped away. Nayber sets the screen, back to Ollie, 3-ball wide open Good! Alessandro Labors. Dance, fires, three and hit […]

Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay) Wins Olympic Boxing Gold – Rome 1960 Olympics

Three well trained USA boxers fought exciting final matches and won gold medals before a capacity crowd of 16200 wild eyed fans. Wilbert McClure defeated Italy’s Carmelo Bossi. Eddie Crook of the USA took and even closer decision from Poland’s Tadeusz Walasek. The most popular USA winner was the lighthearted Cassius Marcelus Clay V, in […]

Muhammad Ali’s Secret To Insane Confidence

Muhammad Ali was one of the most outspoken self promoters in sports history. He said that he was the greatest all the time. You would think that that confidence would be construed as arrogance, yet Ali was one of the most beloved sports icons we’ve ever known. Today we’re going to look at what made […]

Portugal’s First Female Gold Medalist – Rosa Mota | Olympic Rewind

When I won the bronze medal, it made me really happy, because I didn’t expect to make the podium, and it was Portugal’s first Olympic medal among the female athletes. I started to think that I had four years to prepare myself for Seoul. I started working the day after the Los Angeles marathon, because […]