what does everybody welcome back to the channel today we got Chris staples caleb nash feemster and myself Josh Horton and we’re going to be doing a messy weird item random object Halloween edition basketball shooting challenge you guys ready ready how come how come my spine is down much like my heart yeah you’re […]

Nearly Headless Nick | Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

Your attention please. Let the feast… begin. I’m half and half. Me dad’s a muggle, mam’s a witch. Bit of a nasty shock for him when he found out. Say, Percy? Who’s that teacher talking to Professor Quirrell? Oh, that’s Professor Snape, head of Slytherin House. What’s he teach? Potions. But everyone knows it’s the […]

Skeleton Playing Tennis: Incredible CGI Animation

COMM: This incredible footage may look like state of the art Hollywood special effects, but it was actually made on a shoestring budget by animator Olaf Louwinger. The 33-year-old South African’s animation shows the anatomy of a tennis player striking a ball, capturing the formal position of a skeletal structure, circulatory system, muscles and organs. […]

THE SCARIEST SPORT – Dan and Phil play: Golf With Friends #4

(P) Hello Dan and Phil Games! (D) Hi! (P) Haun- I was about to say: “Haunted Holes” But I’m gonna change that haha (P) To “Zombie Caddy Lads!” (P) And welcome to what is gonna be: (D) The scariest video this week (P) The Scariest Game (D) Are you kidding me? You want horror? You […]

Clash Royale: NEW CARD – ELIXIR GOLEM! 👊 Season 4 Animation Reveal 🎃

This is the best Halloween ever. Nothing could spoil this. Uh-oh. Meteor. I’m sorry… what? I don’t speak Golem. Does anyone here speak… Now, this is the best Halloween ever. SEASON 4 SHOCKTOBER PREPARE TO BE SHOCKED

Trick Or Treat | Give Me Something Good To Eat | Halloween Song

Trick or treat? Trick or treat? Give me something good to eat Apples, peaches, tangerines Happy Happy Halloween Trick or treat? Trick or treat? Give me something sweet to eat Cookies, chocolate, jelly beans Happy Happy Halloween Trick or treat? Trick or treat? Give me something sour to eat Lemons, grapefruits, limes so green Happy […]

Best Halloween Candy Taste Test (Day 1)

– What’s the best Halloween candy of all time? – Let’s talk about that. (upbeat music) (fire crackling) Good mythical morning. – It’s the week we’ve all been waiting for, it’s Bleak Creek week! – Woo! – Yes, our novel, “The Lost Causes of Bleak Creek,” officially comes out during this hallowed time. And if […]

TCS NYC Marathon Runners Inspire With Dedication to Sport and Their Families | Good Start | NowThis

A Halloween parade and some with stories to inspire on this week’s Good Start. Hey guys, and welcome to Good Start. I’m Sally Turner. For our first story, a Children’s Rehabilitation Center in Michigan upped their Halloween game at a parade thanks to some volunteers who made Halloween dreams come true. Last weekend, Mary Free […]

Titan Sports S18 Ep 7 | IT’S SCARY SEASON!

welcome back to another groovy edition of titan sports where we bring you the best coverage of Cal State Fullerton athletics I’m Jaclyn Davis and I’m Melissa Sanchez we’ll cook things off with men’s soccer who were looking to build on their overtime victory against Sacramento State the Titans hosted their Orange County rivals UC […]