When Professional Wrestling Took Over Fencing

Look Greg, I need you to do a promo Fencing is out, wrestling is in That’s not even a real sport It’s just big guys throwing each other around Ah, I’m pretty sure it’s real, Greg Fencing is real We use swords! You use swords – are they sharp? Uh No – technically they’re not […]

Swedish Olympic Athlete Gets Adjusted By Your Houston Chiropractor Dr Greg Johnson

– chiropractor dr. Gregory Johnson and we have Paul in here back this morning for her third adjustment here at advanced chiropractor relief Paula has been a two-time Olympic athlete in Atlanta and down in Sydney Australia for horseback riding yes riding I'll do what you call tracking no three-day event a three-day eventing yeah […]

1989 Cycling Road World Championships

on this climb and he is a man possessed by a vision of rainbow jersey that he could win as a world champion unless the chasing group and the losing ground on fin yo and fin yo money right now he's gambled everything on this attack so it looks as they're longer fini on is […]