Gran Turismo Sport – Advanced Matchmaking | PS4

[MUSIC PLAYING] BRYAN HEITKOTTER: I think the matchmaking system and the realistic driving standards that are going to be required in GT Sport, I think those two together are really going to change the game. JANN MARDENBOROUGH: To compete against someone on your skill level and have a really solid race is really enjoyable. RICARDO […]

GT Sport Lap Guide – Super GT tips for flying around Fuji

Hello viewers, Super GT here. I’m in New York for the World Tour and I’m gonna be doing a track guide for Fuji, which is one of the races that they’ll be doing in the Nations Cup. So, let’s do a couple of laps and see how we go. OK, so, Fuji. It’s a very […]

GT Sport Lap Guide: Mastering Autopolis with Coque Lopez

Hey I’m Coque Lopez and I’m going to show you a few tips to be fast here at Autopolis. First of all, put my gloves! So here we are in the main straight for Autopolis. We are with the M6 car, a nice car, it looks so good. And here our first corner, it’s so […]

Gran Turismo Sport Single-player Gameplay | PlayStation Underground

TAKU: Kyoto is my favorite city in the whole wide world. RYAN CLEMENTS: Oh, personally you’re favorite city, not just to race in. TAKU: Most beautiful town in Japan. It’s almost like Boston. RYAN: Actually, I vacationed there once. TAKU: Isn’t it a nice city? RYAN: It’s beautiful there. CARTER: Oh, you failed. RYAN: But […]

Lewis Hamilton and Gran Turismo Sport – Introduction

– Hello. – Nice to meet you. Even when you’re talking when you drive, you are still at the very limits of the car.

[English] Gran Turismo Pro-Am Race: New York

ladies and gentlemen good afternoon and welcome it to the PlayStation Theatre in New York City where today we are announcing a partnership between Michelin and Gran Turismo exceeds its limits becoming the official tire partner of Gran Turismo michelin is a company that has a rich and illustrious history having fine inventions including the […]

Toyota Supra Car Guide – GT Sport star Tomoaki Yamanaka

My name is Tomoaki Yamanaka. I’m 25 years old, and I drive for Toyota I’m here driving for Toyota at the Manufacturer Series. I’m going to show you around Fuji Speedway and give you my impressions of the GR Supra Racing Concept. Compared to the road car, the racecar has much more power and downforce, […]